Carmen Sandiego coma Where in the wurl IZ

18 Aug


I won’t bore you, but there where spin offs. Many many spin of that ended with “is Carmen Sandiego”. What a sexy name…anyway…possibliy one of the greatest shows on televsion from 1991 to 1994 ( Power Rangers?) this educational program was the **it. Nerds Stand the F up…  Where on Earth, the World, the Zoo, the USA, the Europe, the Time, the Universe, the Space, the your A$$, the list WENT on and on.  She was everywhere. Lil teenage boys found Lora Croft though, but Carmen was swift.

Created by Brøderbund Soft now defunct (purchased by The Learning Company) WITWICS was made in America (town) out in Eugene, Oregon (which is where Nike Started and something about Steve Prefontaine goes here.)

The creativiy of the pro- and antagonist which tricked u into a false sense of not learning coupled with Carmen the hot mysterious (yea I said hot, in a Sarah Palin kind of way on anime island).

The devious and elusive Carmen S. with a gang of goons. VILE vs Acme Detective agency, which used to employ Sandiego (she stole stuff and probrably sold it on the black marker. You are like a CIA FBI world interpol kid tryn get this person and her crew is running around (the everywhere) messing things up. (Captain Planet was given a run by this show, if you had super powers it’d have toppled many shows for sure).

Spy-Fi fantacy they were calling it…

Games, tv shows, clothings,  (but I only remember the show, no water bottles, or hats, or video games cause I would have owned it ALL.) Just a 4 pm endophine (eastern standard time).

The only bad thing about CS was realizing that some kids on the show where smart but not athletic…kinda like on Cops…in reverse


RULE 34 !!



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