How Billboard Property Works

18 Aug



Every thing is relative. It’s never hard once you’ve done it a couple thousand times.

Selling space. Using space to sell products.  Getting your point across at 65 miles an hour. If you ever wanted to know how, well here it is…


Locate the property which you plan to place your billboard. It should be visible from a major byway within your marketing region. (very important that first part is, in fact read it again once) If you don’t own the property, you will need to work out a contractual agreement with the property owner for use of the land.

Research the codes, zoning regulations and any laws for the city, county and state; ask specific questions. Many regions have specific guidelines concerning billboards.

Determine if you want to build a wooden or steel structure. A steel structure is more permanent than wood. If you think you may want to disassemble the billboard within a few years, wood is a better idea.

Contact your electrical utility as soon as you can after contracting with the property owner. Work with them to get electricity run out to your billboard location, if it hasn’t been run there already. You will maximize your billboard’s exposure by having it lit at night.

Make a structural plan for your billboard. Contact a carpenter or expert welder to amend your plan and to build your billboard.

Design your billboard. Your audience will be driving past your billboard at 30 to 70 mph, so don’t include more information than they can read. Your logo, contact information and some depiction of what you do is good to include. For instance, if you are in computer repair, you could include your logo, company name, a graphic of a computer and your web address. Bright colors and a clean, clear font work best. If you are graphic design challenged, contact an advertising agency to find an expert who can help you.

Work with a sign company or professional printer to print the poster or vinyl wrap for your billboard. A vinyl wrap lasts an average of three to five years, while posters typically hold up for 45 days. If your design is one that will endure for a long time, a vinyl wrap will be more efficient. However, if you want to change your design periodically, create several posters for your new billboard instead.


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