I Cant Speak for All Philadelphians: Electric Factories History

18 Aug

Richmond Station (Port Richmond Station, Phila, PA)

One of three early power plants built by the Philadelphia Electric Power Company in the early 20th century. It once housed the world’s largest Westinghouse turbo-generator, and its Neoclassical architecture was meant to symbolize that the city had entered an age of electricity. The plant closed in 1985, but its most recent claim to fame was serving as the prison site in the Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis movie Twelve Monkeys. (AND TRANSFORMERS the movie).  It was denied historical designation by the Philadelphia Historical Commission, against the recommendation of its own staff and the Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia



Electric Factory Concert$

7th and Willow fool….

The Electric Factory is a concert venue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania run by the legendary Larry Magid.

The original “Electric Factory” venue was a converted tire warehouse at 22nd and Arch Streets, which opened in 1968. The first performers, on February 2, 1968, were the Chambers Brothers. The building closed in 1973, and was eventually torn down and replaced with condominiums.

Electric Factory Concerts began as a concert promotions firm owned by Larry Magid (never heard of him, legendary though??…he brought many concert to Philly. Philly get more people on the map and people come here to perform like Lady Gaga, Nas, Damion Marley, M.I.A, etc…that kinda legendary for a lil ole venue). It went on to become the DOMINANT concert promoter in Philadelphia. (Philly has stadiums and concert hall and venues galore…dominant is the EF)

The “Electric Factory” was resurrected circa late 1994 or early 1995  in a place which is an actual converted electric factory.

The standing-room-only capacity is approximately 2,500 to 3,000 people, including the second-floor area which overlooks the stage from stage left (if you are standing on stage looking towards the crowd and look left). Spectators in this area often have the bonus of being able to view a portion of the backstage.


PECO is an energy company founded in 1881 and incorporated in 1929. It became part of Exelon Corporation in 2000 when it merged with Unicom.

The PECO Building is notable for its electronic display, which displays the time, temperature, news, and a variety of other community messages in amber-colored scrolling text around the top of the building. At midnight on January 1, 2009 the lights were shut down and replaced with a more energy efficient and more colorful LED-based system which went live on July 4, 2009.


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