I Can’t Speak for all Philadelphians: Fake Speed Bumps

18 Aug

I know you have seen these things. They riddle the streets of North and West and other random hoods in Philadelphia. You don’t know what they are. Little orange, blue and white square looking things  painted in the street. Is it street art…dammit red light. Forgotten. Did it get you to slow down. Probrably not really.

These painting are fake me out speed bumps. In the city. They get your attention. You may just pump on your brakes. The program started in Arizona i believe. Here is some true info:

The city of Philadelphia tried in 2008, when it painted images of fake speed humps consisting of white, blue, and orange triangles to encourage drivers there to slow down. The program was called “Drive CarePhilly,” in which 100 major intersections were fitted with painted decals of fake speed bumps. The idea was that the images would get drivers’ attention and encourage them to slow down (at least initially, until they got used to them, and then what?).

Yes then what Philly. These speed bumps cost money by the way….

I really have nothing more to say except this was a waste of money.

Wait, there is more. There are fake images of children (morbid) and fake pot holes in streets to get motorist to slow their roll….some cost $15,000  bucks.

Fake Potholes

3 Responses to “I Can’t Speak for all Philadelphians: Fake Speed Bumps”

  1. ronracer September 14, 2011 at 23:33 #

    Heard they only work on cyclops

    • Cezl October 7, 2011 at 22:30 #

      It gets me to say WTF every time…like…wtf is that ish…and to find out it’s a speed bump…well…TSBS

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