Music: Wale speaking to the demographic

8 Sep

Wale – The Motivation (Be Right) 

The lyrics to this song ‘motivate’. Kick back and read while you listen to the track from “Old Wale”. I don’t think he changed, but if he did to get some change then we gotta deal with change – Cezl

You heard knowledge is power, now you got a masters
to show you more massive then all them undergraduates (can you relate yet, if not stop reading)
you know you so pretentious, you love pretending like your love for learning
could be applied to this shit
the line for jobs is quite high, now isn’t it, your pride diminishes
your pockets gone dry from the loans was given em
and the world got cold overnight now didn’t it?
Post graduation and now just a spokesman
for unemployed blacks who in Sallie Mae debt
every day was a Saturday, sh-t
ain’t nothing changed since the sadder day, dig


Able to relate…then check out the rest of the track, too sad? then check out the rest of the album.

ARE YOU IN DEBT ?? Ron Racer takes a look at the ‘Debt Ceiling’ debate.

Click —> Good Idea Bad Idea: Debt ceiling for the laymen

Listen to the song while you read


The Music *Wale – The Motivation (Be Right)


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