ABORTION & Fall Music Line up

8 Oct

Rap wont hang it up and it’s here so it can’t be aborted. Only reborn after people in the game try to unintentionally kill it. This summer was filled with the same old garbage with no new face sans Meek Millz. Shout out to Philly. The Fall has been no better…some things don’t die but it’s like people are trying to kill rap like they never wanted it born. Three albums and four Rappers took to the charts with their albums in the end part of the fiscal year and it seemed like they all had a lil something to say about their album through, dare i say…

…Yes…Abortion…of all things. Dirty word. Not in this day and age.

Now that I have your attention. If you like Rap then you know The Game’s R.E.D. Album was much better than Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV and Kanye and Jay Z ‘s Watch the Throne.

R.E.D Album – Very good mix of songs and stories. Many guest appearances including Mario. True art of story telling over beats with rhymes.  22 Tracks

The Carter 4 – The Carter 4 was so SICK it needed an “I V”. Same Wayne ish. Different autotunes. He makes better mix tapes and it seems like he can’t top himself or create synonyms like before.  16 Tracks

Kanye and Jay Z – Not their best work. The beats were hot though. Just no substance on hot tracks


The Abortion theory

All works of music by the big 4 have some sort of reference to ‘the child’. Past mistakes and proud moments. A little wierd and topical, what would be normally shock rap is typical rhymes. Game is the only one that takes the high road and Jay doesn;t really say much on the topic

Game talks about life on one track through trials of the birth of his daughter.

– 20 California Dream

Lil Wayne does a song on abortion, called abortion while personally he has been mass producing himself with beautiful womens.

– 10 Abortion

Kanye has a deep verse that starts out with abortion under/ over tones then Jay comes on the track and smooths things out by changing the topic

– 16 The Joy


Pro Choice. Pro Life.

You will have to make your own call on these albums. With rap at a low there will be a need to resurrect it like so many before cause it seems like people want Rap dead or drained of it’s relevance and warnings. 

*PAUSE* check out “Too Fat Back” by Elijah Apuat Mckinley (youtube)

Shout out to the resurrectors of Rap. Hip Hop is clearly dead, Wale tried preceeded by The Roots, Common, Talib and Mos, but it aint gonna be too much Hip Hop coming from MBM and YMCMB. I mean who IS Hip Hop right now?? ANYONE !?!?…ANYWAY (Don’t say Lupe neither)


(to me)

Rap was hot, then it kinda was falling into the master P, lil Zhane, Silk the Shocka, Soulja Boy, Drake, type non sensical East Side Boys money making get in get out nonsense until people step on the scene and made us put our old tape/ cds back…

*Biggie and Pac died…the Throne is there…then people started spiting…

Savers – Redman/ Das EFX / Wu Tang/ EPMD /Jay Z / Nas / Snoop and Dre/ Big Pun (early)

*There was a slight gap in Rap and LL Cool J put on a couple rappers on the 1234 songs. Rap soon heard the boom

Savers – DMX/ Ruff Ryders/ Eminem/ Eve/ Lox/ DJ CLUE/ OutKast/ Busta/ Bone Thugs

*(Ras Kas, LL Cool J, Nature, Slim Thug….No i’m being serious…Lauren Hill woulda ate them alive). Rap got real dark for a second, then there was

Savers – Joe Budden, Ludacris, Trick Daddy, UGK, State Prop (Free, Beenie, Crakk, O, & Young Chris)/ Talib (HH)/Mos Def (HH)/ Roots (HH) / Missy

*Rap faded in and out in talent (Kim and Foxy do their thing)

Savers -Baby and Wayne/ Young Jeezy/ Kanye/ Roots (HH)/ 50 Cent (not G Unit)/ Fabolous (finally) maybe even lets put the Clipse

*Nas and Jay still ruled, no clear victor was there and most were just about gettn paid but few were good like

Savers -Game/Lil Wayne (solo)/ Diddy/ Chamilionare / TI

*A strong pulse ran through Rap and the people began to listen again and buy albums but where were Loon, Young Dro, Boosie, and the West? 

Savers -Wale/ Nicki Minaj / Rick Ross/ J Cole

*You want to put Drake on there, you want to put Wiz, you want to put Cudi but no they about OJ the juice man Gucci mane waka flocka level. However I will say Drake has the most skills and shouldnt be mentioned with them cats.Tyler the Creator is creative, shout out to him trying to help Rap/ Hip Hop and getting some burn on a couple records.

As Rap takes another spike down into the winter months who will be the new ‘HOT FIRE’  to carry us through the cold into March time?

I mentioned a very few amount of cats. I didn’t mention Pharrell, Nore, Mob Deep, D12, AZ, Ja Rule, Akon, Timbaland, and a lot more. You want to comment then comment. When Rap was dark these are the people i remember holding down the Genre.

“Just my thoughts mane, just what I was thinking about at the time”

“And who the kids gonna listen to, I guess me if it isnt’ you “


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