VERSUS: America’s VS China’s Pocket

8 Oct



When you owe someone money it’s really like being in their pocket. No time to explain. Simple fact, who wants to be in someones pockets.

The WORLD knows the USA bail a lot of people out of war, but to be bailed out by a class system that is frowned upon so dearly is, i dont want to say embarrasing.

Who isn’t in debt. Debt is gonna be here for a long loooong time. If you got it like that then the first penny you spend puts you in debt (gotta spend other peoples money somehow without owing them)

ANYWAY. The RELEVANCE is as such.


Here Wale talks about school debt:

Here on April 19th CEZ’L makes lite of debt and USA vs China:

Enter Felonious Munk on a tirade about the a topic:



Felonious Munk within the last month goes in on the United States and President OBAMA on basically what this graph show below…

<<——-  Click this…a breakdown of the USA debt

Watch this as you view image (Language)

Felonious Munk Presents: Stop It B! OBAMA PAY YOUR &*%$#% BILLS


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