I Can’t Speak for All Philadelphians: How bout this Eagles quote.

8 Oct

“The Eagles are the only team that can snatch DEFEAT from the jaws of VICTORY”

This sometimes goes for all the teams in Philly.

The Phillies lost yesterday to St. Louis and now they are done. Heartbroken. No. Of course I want my team to go to the to and win every game decidedly. We as Philadelphians ALMOST never get that. We go far enough. We blame it on the owners collecting checks. The city has a good fan base they don’t need to win. Philly is a gambling town and the pride is so high we can make more money out of them losing and betting it all on their team. Etc, etc, etc. 

Truth is, I’ve lived here so long that winning and losing are almost synonymous. We love them just the same cause we hold no punches if they mess up. We let them have it. The Philadelphia Inquire is a major player in this topic. Even if we win they always fine something bad to say of put a spin on it. This is now the culture in Philly. It can’t just be that a Eagle, Sixer, Phillie, or Flyer (and the rest of the so many great teams we blah blah blah), it cant just be that we won. If we won a hundred to nothing some small group would complain that Philly is now taking away from the game. When we lose it becomes a big, I told you so, however most people are genuinely sad we lose cause we have all the pieces to win.

We’re not a rebuilding town. We are the best underdogs. We got players that shouldn’t be that are. Read that again. (I don’t want to go into detail but Allen Iverson at 6 foot nothing and Charles Barkley at 6 foot 5 are what i’m talking bout) We are the greatest least expected. When we win we let you know about it.

Eagles have a uphill battle for the rest of this season. We will make it to the playoffs and lose if we dont get linebacker help and offensive linemen. I know people in the hood that will block for Mike Vick like no other blockers in the league. The season is still early. Eagles it’s time to fly.

Take the quote from above personal.

“Difference between the Eagles and a dollar bill is…with a dollar you get four quarters” – Toll guy at Walt Whitman bride

E-A-G-L-E-S – EGOS !!! (or Iggles)


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