Movie Review: X Men First Class

8 Oct

Best Marvel movie yet. Rivals all DC movies. Closest to accurate outside of Punisher War Journal, first Iron Man, and the second Hulk Movie. Better than any of the XMen movies.

The team is inconsistant but believable.

The bad guys are believable though inconsistant.

The main characters stay true to their origin in a believable modern time

The ending didn’t suck and something totally bogus didn’t happen.

Pretty crappy movie review. We so are mostly all the Marvel movies.

Thor was obnoxious, Captain America was no, Electra and Daredavil…sigh, Punisher (so close), Spidermens (Venom ugh, ok the first one was not totally bad). I seen em all but most importantly I read the f word out of all the comics. Fantastic Four compared to the comics as well as the XMen movies basically all were some made us crop of crap that stared your favorite super hero clone, look alike, stunt person. Xmen first class came through, this review may suck but that movie totally did not.



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