Science: One Tanker: 3 to 4 Grades of Gas?

8 Oct

Correct me if i’m wrong….

One tanker comes to the gas station and unloads. You usually pay for up to four different grades of gas.

How is this possible??

The tanker can’t be broken up in to different parts. Can it. No. Doesn’t make sense. They have too too much gas being distributed at each gas station. 8-12,000 gallons of gas is delivered each time. Well is it filter under ground in the wells below. No I doubt it cause the process would take too long, plus the constant humming and possible cause for explosions. No.

Answer is this

There are three to four scheduled deliveries for each grade. The tanks underground are not be filled on the same day. Each delivery is a different grade of gas. There were 4 different hatches in the parking lot. The driver delivers to these specific hatches your car drives bumpiley over ever time you get gas. Tadah.


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