PSA: Groupie Mentality

9 Oct

Groupie, Band Whore, Roadies. There are many names for these women that are star struck. Struck on players, musicians, atheletes, businessmen. Men with money and power and fame. They want to be that arm candy but most importantly THEY WANT TO BE THE BENEFICIARIES.

*Having a Kid could get you paid for 18 years.

*Being the best could get you first class access into THE LIFE on a part time basis.

Women will do anything….what I’ve over heard is that they WILL do anything because they would be doing it for their boyfriend anyway and when the lights go out the guy can be King Kong or Gullum from Lord of the Rings. When the job is done they can do a few things after getting PAID IN FULL.

-These women figure they have a Pot of Gold.

-The Pot of Gold could be put out there by any stranger, or Christian girl, or mail order bride. The eye has to be kept on the prize to beat these chicks out with the SAME PRODUCT. By any means.

-A guy could get hooked on a half decent chick and give her money and diamonds….Groupies believe they can be this woman before some upper life scum hoe takes their rightful place.

-In the end it’s ‘topping off the best to be not the best but the bread winner’. They COULD suck and still get paid and move on to the next sucker. Latching on is key to continuous paychecks but moving job to job city to city my have it’s perks for the average groupie.

-Gold for Gold. In a fair world that thrives on consumption and needs and an early retirement plan. A groupies personal business is to max out early. The acts they did living in east Compton wont matter in Portugal.

-If things failed and a groupie becomes washed up diseased  then there is still hope for a payday. Sell a book exposing everyone. Play both sides and add and delete people from the tell all book. A groupie can go down in history as the one that did it to such and such.

All groupies grow up and get married and have kids. Women. There is a path that always seems to end in kids and or marriage. Choose your path wisely.

***If you are not getting anything out of your groupie activities execpt saying ‘I kissed Flavor Flav once then you aren’t a groupie…you are dumb.***



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