Occupy Wall Street: Revolution spotting

11 Oct

We Are the 99% in association with check to check Americans everywhere are fighting in the movement. Occupy Wall Street. Time for you learn aout what’s going on ON YOUR DOORSTEP and in your pockets

Occupy Wall Street is leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions. The one common goal?  “We Are The 99% ” that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1% (that actually tolerate and propel greed and corruption. Occupy Wall Street is using the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic to achieve their ends and encourages the use of nonviolence to maximize the safety of all participants. 



this link provides more info and individual testimonies. Once I went to this site I saw that I was NOT apart of the 1% and people other than blacks in the hood are experience hardships. Action is being taken on all fronts and that is positive because this benefits everyone…except the 1%.


Well, the Captain Planet Incarnate has yet to appear as people of all race, color, creed and dwindling cash let their powers combine on Wall Street in  Liberty Square in New York City.


History has been a big part of the USA. History today is getting bigger and BIGGER in the United States as the 2000’s reach their teen years. Gays are marrying and the sky has not yet fallen down. Media is finding new frontiers everyday at a limitless pace. The President of the United States is a real African American. Art has become life and life has become art. The infographics of America are a recent as the daily news.

Relevance? The, Um, WE THE PEOPLE are standing up to the giant. Biblical times are still upon us. Colonial times are upon us. This is no religious kick though. TOGETHER people are standing like we read about so unenthusiastically back in our school days. All for a common goal. Toppling greed and corruption this time. This movement will be extremely hard as their are no physical chains to destroy.

Can You Relate? Hmm?

The best thing We Are The 99% Percent have in their corner (to me) is this:

-the HOPE Obama peddled. It’s real and it’s huge. Mountains are being moved a great many distances.

-the greedy and corrupt had children that side with the 99%. (Hipsters, hippies, individuals, athletes, artist, song writers, bloggers, vloggers, jettsetters and average C+ students.  Huey Dewey and Louie are not the mallards their Uncle Scrooge envisioned.

-Celebrities are getting involve. Though it will be for a short time. Remember Haiti, just remember Haiti for a second. Ok, celebs are involved, songs will be made, documentaries doc’d and Blake Griffin-ized. The first celebrity arrests will be made, Saturday Night Live will parody it, Conan will brighten it up and the rest of the bears will eat it up as well no matter how hot. “Down will be gotten.” is what I say.  Kanye was there…will you? (Kanye was 99% once)

-With media having to decide on good vs dare I say evil, and with media being so attainable (phone, net, billboards) then there will be Smoke in the Cities (Peaceful smoke). The people working for the news crews are 99%s. 99% of the States are 99%s. You…well enough about you.  If the media flies in their favor, greed and corruption will have fecal bed. Spin doctors are already being paid to make the 1% look beautiful.


-United we stand, divided we fall. Remember that.  Principles with every PERSON can embrace. Standing up against terror/ poverty/ the man will get results.

I’ll be watching as History is made. Sadly there is nothing new under the sun. Here on Columbus day and on the dawn of Thanksgiving we remember how fast things can be turned around to look one way. We all saw the Matrix however…even the Matrix can be broken.


How long will people stay silent saying the same thing ? ?




One Response to “Occupy Wall Street: Revolution spotting”

  1. Jon November 7, 2011 at 04:01 #

    How can you say Obama’s change is moving mountains when he has been in office for 3 1/2 years and nothing has gotten any better, only worse.. and how does any of this relate back to wall street? wall street is regulated by the government, whatever they are getting away with is allowed by our government. If this movement wants to be taken seriously they need to start picketing the federal reserve, not wall st. and start getting ticked at our congress and president, not corporations. If they are doing something illegal they will get thrown in jail for it, if the congress does something illegal nothing ever happens.

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