Friday Footwear: Michael Jackson (not Jordan)

13 Oct

Any nite I perform like Mike, anyone, Tyson,  Jordan,  Jackson, Action

…wearing Michael Jacksons.

MJ was a spokesperson for a signature line by LA Gear. Michael Jackson was and still Unstoppable as the shoes proclaimed.  The pictures tell the story better than I ever could. He wore like a size 9.5- 10 shoe. He had matching shoes with jackets (studs to boast but no red with zippers…yet). They weren’t as hot as the bed room slippers he performed in, but as a sneakerhead you can’t deny these. At least I can’t.

Comfort and durability in these kicks are questionable, yet it was  one of the biggest sellers of the early 1990s. Come on !! Mike wore these. MJ. You’re dressing like him (back then), trying to dance like him, yada, yada, yada, you might as well have the shoes too. Any chance to dress like Mike. Even I wanted that M. Bison outfit he had on with the shin gaurds and cape. He HEEEAAA. (google M. Bison)

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