Science: Nite Terror & Nightmares

13 Oct

Why do we have nightmares? Something you ate? Fear? Stress?

Truth is nightmares can be caused my a lot of random things. Breakdown !!

Characterized by vivid imagery and extreme feelings such as anxiety, fear, sadness or guilt they are powerful enough to wake you up.

When you are a kid you have more nightmares that saaaaaay….hmm, your parents. When you were between 3 – 8 you woke your parents up screaming and hopping in their bed probrably scaring them to the point in which you wer scared. The alternative was wetting your bed and them telling their work associates about how scared you were and how they can’t wait for this phase to be over. Having separation anxiety when you are young is said to cause night terror as well. *Separation anxiety is a developmental stage during which the child experiences anxiety when separated from the primary caregiver (usually the mother).
Bad dreams at this age show a normal struggle to cope with fears and issues and they usually involve being chased by wild animals. This is a normal stage of development for children and should be viewed as such.

As an adult they occur more often in women than men. Another thing women have to worry about in a lifetime. Adults causes of nightmares is a little more…well adult.

1. Certain Medications and illnesses can cause bad dreams

2. Fevers can cause bad dreams

3. Stress and anxiety can cause bad dreams.

Stressful events or huge changes in your life this can definitely lead to frightening dreams. To list a few in Oct 2011 we have, job loss, job gain, spouse separation, foreclosure, eviction, repossession…



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