Love: Zombie Love Letters

15 Oct

Really this is a

Guest Site:

He has a feature article title “WHAT WOMEN WANT”

The stuff he says is gold. It’s ALOT to read…but it does not disappoint and the spelling is far better than mine. I say it is a MUST READ but if not I highlighted some things that would peek interest.

Exerptz and Preview:

“As a member of, it did something to me I didn’t think possible, it made me seriously dislike women. And as somebody who has nothing but bile in regards to my own gender, I figured this wasn’t a feeling to be nurtured”

“I am seriously starting to feel that women are on their way to matching if not surpassing men as the shallow, self-absorbed half of the species.”

“If a woman’s idea of security is having her man father children he isn’t the least bit invested in, or committing himself to a miserable marriage from which he will almost certainly stray, well…If that’s not shallow and selfish I don’t know what is”

“To women, a wedding ring is but a trinket if it cost less than a quarter of a million and is smaller than a hand grenade”

“The veins on our forearms don’t stand out as sexily as on her last boyfriend”

“Womens trends have nothing to do with trying to look attractive to men and everything to do with impressing other women. ”

—This is so true because the woman with her chest showing in a tight TIGHT  shirt with tight jeans showing her figure is more appealing than ‘red bottoms’, ‘coach bag’, and whatever fall designer nonsense that is out at the time. Think  Hooters girl compared to a server girl at TGI Fridays.

“Guys try and make themselves out to be as horrible as possible in their online profiles, as they believe that’s the only way to get a woman interested enough to secure a date.”

THIS IS A MUST READ (Men and Women)


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