VERSUS: Wu Tang VS Klu Klux Klan

22 Nov

Yea, i’m on that B.S.



First lemme just say that the Wu has influenced us through artist like Jay Z and Nas more than you realize, black or white or human…people talk about Biggie and Pac, but they for get people stay eating off the Wu.

Second lemme say the KKK is a joke. Black, white or human. The way society is set up now there would be more blacks gays and whoever in the KKK willing to kill whatever and join the KKK ranks and be harder than them. KKK people that hate white people that ‘act like’ n-words….guess what…n word do your jobs, hobbies, and extra curricular  better than you everyday. Go to Urban Dictionary and look up ‘played out’ and you’ll see a bunch of pilgrims in white hoods. 

OK, yes, i’m on that BS

RZA, GZA, Method Man, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, U-God, Masta Killa, and the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard are the members of the Wu Tang Clan. If you didn’t know…they are ‘nothin’ to F*CK WIT’.  ***spoiler…the Wu Tang beats the KKK***

RZA vs The quiet guy with the mutton chops from the supermarket in the KKK

RZA approach super market. Mutton chops mutters something about and Access card and bad side burn toward RZA who is mad he didn’t come up with ‘Beats by RZA’ head phones already from earlier that day. RZA uses dope beats to force mutton chops to cover his ears disabling him. RZA then gets his white actor friends and crazy asian buddies to write letter to get mutton chops fired. Mutton chops is now no longer racist and is apart of the 99% though he maintains a job as a local landscaper.

GZA vs  Young corporate guys that are in KKK

In downtown NYC young tycoons through hot coffee out of their Maserati on GZA who in minding his business walking through town. The corporate guys pull off laughing. Ironically after that day no one ever saw them again but their bank accounts were drained and vehicle was found burn to crisp.

Method Man vs The Man who influenced the KKK

Method Man bangs The Man’s daughter and she kept the kid. The Man found out after the baby was born and had a heart attack, and sadly died. Though Meth and the young lady did not stay together, the money from the life insurance will provide his child a happy future and quality education…though it coulda been Redman’s kid, but she never got tested.

Raekwon vs Top Sous Chef in KKK

Know for under cooking and spitting in other-ly patrons foods that are prepared at his restaurant TS Chef is as notorius as the crew in Fight Club with the credibility to ever get caught. If you are not white in his restaurant then you are gonna be sick or eating is spit. Reakwon is a chef too. Instead of mortal, verbal or mental combat he challenges the TS Chef to a bake and taste event. ‘Somehow’ all the judges like Raekwons cakes and pies more than the TS Chef. They some how seem addicted to what they have ingested and have a craving for more…for some strange reason. Embarrassed the TS Chef does something dumb, everybody in attendance was too high to realize.

Ghostface Killah vs Aryan Hitler Guy active in the KKK

Meeting in a park the two are unable to communicate on a verbal level due to gross misunderstandings the Aryan Hitler Guy tries to attack Ghost. The sun reflects off the jewelry Ghost has on and sprains the eye of the AHG and he falls to the floor. Ghost is then arrested for assault but then let go because the AHG did not want to admit that he had been hurt by a phantom punch to other Aryan Hitler Guys on the force. Fight over.

Masta Killa vs Old White Racist Guy set in his ways

Masta Killa introduces OWRG to the internet. Show clips of Kanye West and Taylor Swift and lets him hear thier music. OWRG admits that Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder were musical geniuses and admits that he wanted more love for Ronnie Milsap. They both agree that music aint what it used to be back in his day. They agree to disagree on the black white subject communicate through facebook and twitter about good music and obscure artist. Masta Killa passes these artist to RZA for samples.


Inspectah Deck vs Skin Head non KKK

Skin Head makes a deal to take ten paces and then engage in mortal combat. Inspectah agrees and they meet in the dessert Nevada. After ten paces the Russians take the skin head away cause he owed them money and never paid up. ID found another skin head to fight. Inspectah Deck found the skin head listening to a Ghostface album smoking weed getting hype before the fight.

U-God vs White Man is god

U-God chooses to Nazareth Israel as a location to meet WMIg. WMIg gains realization that if he believed in Jesus and Jesus was from Nazareth then that meant Jesus looked like someone from Nazareth and not like him. U-God then sucka punches WMIg and gets stuck by lighting. He survives and makes a record about it.

Old D B vs Red Necks and other racist in KKK who are on welfare but hate Mexicans and Blacks on welfare

Old D B pulls a Paul Mooney move and gathers all ghost that used to be slaves and haunts these people and their family members. He also overdraws their accounts on the 14th and 31st of every other month.


Meant to be funny and not racist towards white people but def against people who support the KKK. The concept to The Wu vs the KKK is an interesting one (to me). If it could be made into a cartoon like The Boondocks then that’d work. Fight scenes, surprise deaths, vengeance. It’s sad racism is still alive, hopefully something like this diminishes it even more.  



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