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PAPER (Save) PAPER (Save) PAPER (Save)

17 Dec

I know you’ve seen the tv show titled ‘The Office’. This has nothing to do with that show. This is a campaign for people to stop over reacting to the ‘Paper crisis’.

Funny Stuff.

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Cezl’s 2011 Holiday Gift Ideas (Guest Site)

17 Dec

We all get that Grinch out of our system and end up buying people gifts. Never fails….every year…and you regret it. Your gifts are great at the last minutes. Everyone gifts that are not yours are CRAP…but we do it anyway…for the spirit. Here are some trendy ideas taken from other sides.

Bacon Cologne $36

also search Bacon Lube, Bacon Salt, Bacon Vodka, or Bacon Toothpaste.


Mini Skull speakers $2000


Superplexus – $30,000

superplexus 12 Most Outrageous Gifts for the 1%
It’s a giant three-dimensional spherical labyrinth which requires 425 turns to get the ball to the end of the maze without it falling off the track. It takes 400 hours to build and it actually might take you long enough to complete that you will get your $30,000 worth of entertainment from it. Or not. Buy Superplexus at Hammacher for $30,000 12 Most Outrageous Gifts for the 1%

Powernap Capsule – $25,000

power nap capsule 12 Most Outrageous Gifts for the 1%
Being part of the 1% is hard work and you’re going to need a place to relax and recharge. A $25,000 place. Sure you get supple calfskin leather filled with cold foam contoured to the shape of your body in an undulated shape in a semi-enclosed napping space, but what about your bed? Buy Powernap Capsule at Hammacher for $25,000

Personalized Whac-a-mole – $35,000

whac a mole 650x650 12 Most Outrageous Gifts for the 1%
Don’t get us wrong, we love Whac-a-mole and this might be the coolest version of a whac-a-mole game ever with speakers, a drink shelf, remote controlled closing cabinet but at this price you have to really really really like whac-a-mole. Really.

Buy Personalized Whac-a-mole at Hammacher for $35,000

Petiole Hammock – $35,000

petiole hammock 12 Most Outrageous Gifts for the 1%
Sure this hammock does look cool as hell and is heavy duty, weighing 770lbs and is handcrafted in Sweden but 35g’s for a hammock? Buy Petiole Hammock at Hammacher for $35,000

Flying Car – $350,000

flying car driving 12 Most Outrageous Gifts for the 1%
flying car 12 Most Outrageous Gifts for the 1%
We’ve been promised flying cars for decades and now you can actually purchase one from Hammacher! It takes 30 seconds to convert the street legal 100hp car into a triple bladed propeller driven light sport aircraft that can hit speeds of 115mph. It fits in your garage, seats 2 and needs a 1700′ runway to take off. You can fly up to 425 nautical miles with the 23 gallon tank (which gets 35mph on the road too). I want this. Now. Buy Flying Car at Hammacher for $350,000

Optimal Resonance Audiophile’s Speakers – $60,000

audiophile speakers 12 Most Outrageous Gifts for the 1%
These Bowers & Wilkins speakers look crazy and probably do sound crazy good but you know your snarky friends will be saying things like “he bought $60,000 speakers to play Ace of Base’s greatest hits?”. At least it will sound good. Buy Optimal Resonance Audiophile’s Speakers at Hammacher for $60,000

20 Foot Animatronic Triceratops – $350,000

animatronic triceratops 12 Most Outrageous Gifts for the 1%
You’re not really being a good parent unless you buy your kids a 20 foot long animatronic dinosaur. It has motion activated cameras in it’s eyes, along with facial recognition software to respond to you personally. A 1000 watt speaker inside keeps it loud too. Buy 20 Foot Animatronic Triceratops at Hammacher for $350,000

Swiss Watchmaker’s Boîte à Musique – $25,300

music box 12 Most Outrageous Gifts for the 1%
It’s well crafted and finely tuned and a work of art- but it’s still just a music box. I suppose if you’re looking for a really expensive gift that doesn’t take up a lot of space, this would work for you. Buy Swiss Watchmaker’s Boîte à Musique at Hammacher for $25,300

Inspirational Archipod – $40,000

archipod 12 Most Outrageous Gifts for the 1%
We all need an environment for creative working, meditation, and innovation. But not all of us can do it in a 12 foot diameter shingled pod with a gull-wing door. Fully heated, lit and powered to do whatever it is you plan in doing in this thing. Buy Inspirational Archipod at Hammacher for $40,000

Tron Light Cycle – $55,000

tron light cycle 12 Most Outrageous Gifts for the 1%
Tron: Legacy was a great movie but you can’t drive around in a light cycle like they do in the movie. OH WAIT, YES YOU CAN. This is a real street legal motorcycle with a Suzuki 996cc engine in there. You lay nearly horizontal as you drive around on hubless wheels. And if that doesn’t attract attention, the electroluminescent strips in the rims and body that light up the whole vehicle certainly will. Buy Tron Light Cycle at Hammacher for $55,000

Bionic Boppers – $17,000

bionic boppers 12 Most Outrageous Gifts for the 1%
Bionic Boppers are like giant sized Rock em Sock em Robots. Two drivers go inside the bumper car-like bots and battle it out using joysticks to control the actions. Belly belly belly screen tallies the scoring hits. Buy Bionic Boppers at Hammacher for $17,000

Personal Submarine – $2,000,000

personal submarine 12 Most Outrageous Gifts for the 1%
Since we’re not really in the market for a submarine, we can’t tell if you two million dollars is a good price or not. We can tell you that this two person submarine can dive to 1000 feet below the surface for up to 6 hours and that we will gladly make some room in our garage if someone buys this for us this holiday season (hint, hint). Buy Personal Submarine at Hammacher for $2,000,000


For $100 million a seat, Space Adventures will book people on a future three-week tour, including 16 days at the International Space Station and a five-day side trip to the moon. Only two seats are available, though. And if you’re on a budget, it’s just $20 million to just visit the space station for a week.

VERSUS: Super Mario vs TMNT

17 Dec

Super Mario vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

You think you have an idea one day and come to find out it’s all of the internets…

Great minds i guess.

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More December 2011 Funny

17 Dec

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Peep the Tron Police…Juan Internet Jones strikes again

Harmless Foods and a Death Shot

17 Dec


Pause for Batman: Superman the illegal alien…

17 Dec

There should have been many comics that portray Superman as a menace and not so much of boyscout. Spider-man and Batman, Rorschach, Punisher were all labeled under anti hero. One of the best comics to show the extent of Superman were ‘Red Sun’ and ‘Hyperion’. The alien factor was always more interesting as an ass than as a guardian angel (to me).

The more EXISTENTIAL he became the more your brain turned from mush to wheels turning. Most people want to see him landscaping and hoping over fences and deported rather than occupying America…but they don’t want him to go to another country and save the day…but he’s and outcast and an outrage. I am one of those most people…

Krypton scum…

American hero

Russian tyrant

True Alien (existential) more please

Poft Zorn: Super Mammogram

16 Dec

With the Nerd Age upon us and women becoming more involve in the nerd world it is good to see transition of art, life, immaturity, and all seriousness rolled into a concept that actually helps people run on sentence. 

Save the Boobies in fiction and non fiction.

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There is more information…the truth is out there.