VERSUS: ISANYONEUP (not work safe) vs Facebook

10 Dec


Hunter Moore vs Facebook lawyers

Do you blame Teddy for wanting to live?

Talk about the lesser of two evils. Shout out to Hunter first off.  F U Facebook second off. Capitalizing on peoples mistakes…yea everyone would do it. It is unethical. If it were my private parts on the internet and i actually uploaded them on there…totally my fault. I wouldn’t be mad though. I would submit. Facebook thought does NOT need to reprimand ANYONE on being UNETHICAL or following rules or trying to sue a GOT DAMN BODY. 

For all the forced break ups, deaths, drama, leaked information, betraying security setting  and NUDES that are on facebook (small shout out to facebook for connecting people) has created then whey CLEARLY HATE on another sites hustle. OH!! because Facebook is being unethical again because they want all the bandwidth. example -‘hey, this site is getting popular overnite….stomp them out and kill their kids’ -FB….

I for Hunters campaigne. I’ve seen 2 of my exs and other random people I know on other websites. No one is going after those sites. Those sites are getting paid. Whats the big deal. Same exact thing/ site without the Hollywood via Internet status.

DON’T WANT PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW NOT TO HAVE THEIR LIVES DESTROYED BECAUSE THEY HAVE NUDES ON THE NET…blame the source of the nudes. Want drugs guns and poverty out of America, blame the government. Nudes run the internet…Hunter Moore didn’t start it and he will not be the last….but he is one of the best…

Hunter responded by sending a picture of his penis


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