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Everyone has an ugly friend on Sesame Street

24 Jan

I don’t even want you to think about this one. I’m gonna take it back to Sesame Street. They’re not real so no one get offended. You got Big Bird, Snuffy, Elmos, Ern, Berty, Grouchy, Grovester and the orange looking girly one. There is cookie monster, the count who are monsters (they’re all monsters and one bird if you ask me).

Sesame Street leaves out their one ugly friend out of premiere photo shoots constantly. I mean do you remember Telly. They sure ask him questions and he’s around. When it’s time for pictures and spot light he is nowhere to be found. That’s cold blooded. There needs to be more Telly photo ops and Telly dolls and tickle me Telly’s.

Telly is a monster and he needs to be treated like all the other monsters. its a lil too late for sorry. Telly needs benefits  

Question: Why call them ‘Friends’ Schools?

24 Jan

Answer: Because of the Quakers.

Friends schools are institutions that provide an education based on the beliefs and testimonies of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).

Friends schools vary greatly, both in their interpretation of Quaker principles and in how they relate to formal organizations that make up the Society of Friends.

Most Friends schools are similar in their mission: to provide an academically sound education while also instilling values of community, spirituality, responsibility and stewardship in their students

Some institutions founded by Friends were never formally “Quaker Schools.” Some historically Friends institutions are no longer formally associated with the Society of Friends. Those that continue to call themselves “Quaker schools” may have formal oversight from a Friends yearly or monthly meetings, and others are governed by members of the Society of Friends and/or adhere to aspects of Quaker practice.

Music: Wycleff Jean Sang Fezi

24 Jan

My favorite track from the Carnival Album. I had no idea what he was saying. (Jaspora is hot too). ‘Cleff had some very corny songs in his day HOWEVER he was very creative and almost a pre-Madonna. Akon tried some stuff, shout out to Akon. Wycleff has big talent. Will I Am kinda walks in his shoes a little bit, but he was not a foreigner. Will made a hot CD with Sergio Mendes though reaching out to islands and far off lands. The thing is he Wycleff reached out to foreigners 24/7 and they loved it. French Creole rap. Here’s a track that touched on creativity, reaching out and musical genius-try…plus Lauryn belts out a lil on the jawn. 


Oh and I threw in the lyrics too…

Sang Fezi lyrics

Ki ayisien kap di’m map mache New-York san fezi
(Which haitian says i walk in New-York without a gun)
Mwen di ou messie nou menti
(I tell you man y’all lying)
Le bum yo ginbe ou yo devore ou se le ou mouri police vini
(When the bum catches you they eat you up it’s when you die the police comes)
Mwen di ou messie nou menti
(I tell you man y’all lying)

Penden’m kanpe sou flatbush mwen woue on police ap vini
(While standing on flatbush i saw the a cop comin’)
Li di mwen map vann drog
(He said i’m selling drug)
mwen di mon che ou menti
(I told man you’re lying)
Li vin pou’l vin cheke’m mwen di mwen pa gen anyen
(He came to check me out i told him i had nothing)
Se nan yon ti bal mwen tapwal la pou’ cheke on ti zen
(I was going to a party to check the 411)
Big up big up phantom mwen renmen tabou combo
(Big up big up phantom (haitian band) i like tabou combo (another band)
Se sak fe depwim nan bal la mwen mande kote moun yo
(That’s if i’m in the bal i ask where’s the people)
Timtim bwa sek mwen couri lem ouvri pot
(Timtim bwa sek (creole salute) i ran to open the door)
Nan yon cimitie pase mwen woue on tet san kok
(In a cemetery cause i saw i head without a rooster)
A b c d f g si`ou vle batay se danje
(A b c d f g) if you wanna fight it’s danger
Mem si ou kon jwe foutbol denie gol lan se pou pele
(Even if could play soccer the last goal if for pele (brazilian soccer player)
Pa joure manmam, manmam se kreol
(Don’t diss my mom, my mom is creole)
Fesi’m se bousol
(My gun guides me)
Kompa’m se lakol
(My direction sticks)
Original ayisieeennnn kwa de boukeeee
(Original haitian Croix-des-Bouquets (Wyclef’s town)
Gen neg ki pense brooklyn’m fet ayiti’m fet kwa de bouke kwa de bouke
(Some ni**ers thinks i was born in brooklyn, i was in Haiti in Croix-des-Bouquets)

Prezidan mwen pa vle prezidan ou
(President, i don’t wanna be your president)
Wase mikrofon nan mwen se gouveman ou
(Give me the microphone i become your goverment)
Bon nom’m se Wyclef yo rele’m fanfan
(My real name’s wyclef they call me fanfan)
Mwen gen on ti se yo rele roz salon
(I have a little sister that is called roz salon)
Mwen yon cheval ki vole chak swa
(I got a horse who flys every night)
Mwen gen cheve pwav mwen pa vle cheve soi
(I got a nappy head i don’t have silky hair)
Bad boy ayisien ki soti en ayiti
(Haitian bad boy straight from Haiti)
Depui mwen gen pwoblem mwen rale ouzi
(If got a problem i pull a uzi)
Le mal lekol ameriken te kon joure’m
(When i went to school american’s used to diss me)
Yo relem neg nwe yo relem ti refijie
(They called black ni**er they called a little refugee)
Jan yo pale mwen woue yo pa civilise
(The way they talked i saw they where not civilised)
Jan yo pale mwen woue yo pa kon bon djie
(The way they talked i saw they didn’t know god)
45 bo kotem plis mwen gen de pie kole
(45 by my side plus i got both feet together)
si on neg teste’m mape pete de gren zie’l
(If a ni**er test me i’m gonna stab his eyes)
Orijinal ayitien ki soti jerizalem
(Original haitian straight from jerusalem)
Si on neg teste’m ane sa a ou pap oue nwel
(If a ni**er tests me you wont see christmas this year)


[man’s voice]
Kote moun yo mwen pa woue moun yo
(Where’s the poeple i don’t see the poeple)

Then you should know
That one day we are gone
So keep your head to the sky
See the path we refuse is the path we should choose
They wont take the world when you die

Ayitien tiree
(Haitian fire)

Leve le men leve le men chante chante
(Hands up hands up sing sing)

Yon bagay yo di’m fi petyon vil pa vle neg ki gen cheve pwav mwen gen cheve pwav
(They told me something girls from Petion-Ville don’t want ni**a’s
with nappy heads well i’ve got a nappy head)

King Vitaman

24 Jan

Wasn’t my favorite. Not even saying they were as good as the breakfast crew

I just want you to remember when King Vitaman was on top of your fridge. I can see you shaking your head. Who were they trying to fool. #Applejacks…heeeeyyy !!!

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VERSUS: Richard Pryor vs Steve Harvey P Time

22 Jan



Prepare to laugh. This is toilet humor at it’s best…EXPLICIT LANGUAGE.

  Richard Pryor

  Steve Harvey

Music: Drake Hit vs Fabolous Diss

22 Jan
shout out to atl pics.nett

Drake is the Hybrid Rapper. Fabolous still seems like a young up and coming rapper but he is a seasoned veteran. NICE !!. Fab rips Drakes whole some and kinda kills it. On it he is suppose to be dissing Ray J (who). I think Fab kills the track, but the original is hot fire…I really can’t decide. I’m gonna go with Fab though cause Drake did say something about going through a girls purse…#we dont love them bro (when you’re a rapper)…

Drake – Lord Knows ft. Rick Ross

Fabolous – Lord Knows

Question: Borough and Ward difference?

22 Jan

I don’t know something…*sad face*


 A self-governing incorporated town in some U.S. states, such as New Jersey.  One of the five administrative units of New York City.

(New York) The term borough was adopted to describe a unique form of governmental administration for each of the five fundamental constituent parts of the newly consolidated city. Technically, under New York State Law, a “borough” is a municipal corporation that is created when a county is merged with populated areas within it.[citation needed] This differs significantly from typical borough forms of government used in Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Alaska, other states, Greater London, and elsewhere.

(New Jersey)sometimes abbreviated Boro on road signs) in the context of New Jersey local government refers to one of five types and one of eleven forms of municipal government.


A division of a city or town, especially an electoral district, for administrative and representative purposes
(New Orleans) Politically, the wards are used in voting in elections, subdivided into precincts. Under various previous city charters of the 19th century, aldermen and later city council members were elected by ward. The city has not had officials elected to represent wards since 1912, but the ward designations remain a part of New Orleans’ fabric. Socially, it is not uncommon for New Orleanians to identify where they are from by their ward number.
Well I am more confused than when I started. Ward is like a precinct that people voted internally. Borough is controlled by its own local government. If you are reading this and i’m wrong then help out with you intelligence.