Drake coma Don’t hate one

17 Jan

Yes, the radio makes you a slave to the rythm. He is not that hot, yet hot rappers say he is hot. Lil Kim dances to his stuff but calls him soft. He IS differently. Wale is hotter than him yet Drizzy Drake is getting big spins on AIR. They say his songs are GAY yet they load up on Ciroc to it. His songs cater to women and Beyonce just asked us to cater to women.  He has a song like ‘Practice’ and a song like ‘the Motto’ and then a ‘Marvin’s Room’. He comes out of left field like a crazed Phillies fan. Are the ladies not loving it. Are the homo thugs, DJs, club hoppers, taxi drivers and bloggers still not bobbing their heads to his fast rhymes?? Who does he even remind you of…Sisqo? R. Kelly? Pretty Smurf? Ja Rule? He reminds you of Drake. Kardinal Offishall held down CANADA and here comes this ‘punk’ and he’s making hits and money….how and he’s so soft RAPPING and not R&Bing

Things is…in a world of Hybrid vehicles, Jordans, computers, networks, phones and ever got dang thing. Someone in the same lab that created Blake Griffen, Nicki Minaj and Eminem thought ‘Ay Yo…i’ma create a Hybrid Rapper and name him after a ‘big dog’ !!’. We wanna hate, but their is a Drake song or two that you like, however where is your Joe Budden, Lil Zane, Young Berg, Lil ‘B, Ray J, song that you listen to like that now. MUCH LOVE TO JOE BUDDEN, THAT’S MY BIG HOMIE RIGHT THERE JUST TRYING TO MAKE A POINT.

ALSO Drake is a lesser evil than Waka…Wale still the man…J Cole is tuff….Currency (however you spell it) is still a hot spitter. I want to hate on Drake, and trust me I do (along with Big Ghost Chronicles) but he is what he is…



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