Great Blacks in Video Game History

17 Jan


There has been no list that I could find paying tribute to blacks in video games. There are many black characters. Most I could only find in fighting games, though blacks are not limited to fighting games or villian-ry.  I tried not to use any from basketball of football games (shout out to Bones Jackson) If you have any names, i def can post. I made it to around 35 characters.

Here’s my list

Jax (Jackson Jax Briggs) – Mortal Kombat

Mr. T looking guy – Double Dragon

Adam Hunter – Streets of Rage

Eddie ‘Skate’ Hunter – Streets of Rage

Balrog – Street Fighter

Birdie – Street Fighter

Dudley – Street Fighter

Luke Cage – Maximum Carnage

Cloak – Maximum Carnage

Doc – Tyson’s Punch Out

The Giant – Kung Fu

Mohawk – Arch Rivals

Mack – M.C. Kids

Shaq – Shaq Fu

Mr. Sandman – Tyson Punch Out

Afro Thunder – Ready 2 Rumble boxing

Elena – Street Fighter

Sean – Street Fighter

Cole Train –  Gears of War

Marvin Brangah – Resident Evil 2

Barrett – Final Fantasy 7

Kiros Seagill – Final Fantasy 8

Jonathan Blade – Eternal Champions

Eddie Gordo / Tiger – Tekken

Bruce – Tekken

Raven – Tekken

Zasalamel – Soul Calibur 3

Tony Umeda – Bushido Blade 2

Erudite Wizards – Champions of Norrath

Computer Opponent – Track & Field

Anakaris – Dark Stalkers (Egyptians are black)

Sazh Katzroy – Final Fantasy 13

Carl “CJ” Johnson – Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

50 Cent – That game with him and the other with G Unit

Green Lantern – Justice League Game

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Carlos – Final Fight

Dhaslim – Street Fighter

El Fuerte – Street Fighter

Akuma is just a dark asian person

…there are many more, please add to list



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