Poft Zorn: 2012 Kick Off

17 Jan

Mortal Kombat Girls…



Juicy Tea’s


Disney Goodness…Rule 34

One of the funniest things I’ve read on the internet. Terrible….

“Out of everyone on this list (of Disney Princesses), I think Ariel from The Little Mermaid had the best p-word. She was a virgin and she was THIRSTY as f### for ole boy. She sold out her entire species to grow legs to give him some of that mussy (Mermaid p-word). Once you do something like that, there’s no limit to what you’ll do to please your man, she was tossing salad and everything.

Pocahontas had already been ran up in by that dude she was supposed to marry, so John Smith was getting leftovers. Plus, she walked around barefoot, the soles of her feet were probably on some struggle sh*t. No bueno. I didn’t see her in not one pair of moccasins in the whole cartoon. She didn’t even need a flint to start fires, just rub them feet together over a tinder bundle and the blaze was on and popping.

The b word from beauty in the beast probably has the most hollowed out cavernous p-word in Disney history. Even after he turned to human form I bet his loins were on some mandingo sh*t.

Princess Jasmine was a spoiled frigid b word. The very definition of a pillow princess. The type of broad who licks the head of your D three times and thinks her job is done. The type of broad who don’t ride D cause it makes her legs hurt. The type of broad that always make you wear a condom cause she don’t like the sensation of semen running down her buttcrack. Her only plus is she got that good Indian hair.”  – #Bootyologist / TeamP (site is not work safe)


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