Rap Chick Nitemare: Greatest Female Rapper

17 Jan

#1 Lauryn Hill…cause I don’t even want you to think about it


should come out with an ALBUM called


There are plenty more GREAT female rappers out there. I’m gonna rattle off a few and you tell me…ya mean. I have my idea of he Top Female rappers MC’s and artist. To me…that’s all. I’d like you to know i am waiting for the white female Eminem btw.

Here are my to Female Rappers

2 – Nicki Minaj

3 – Queen Latifah

4 – Lil Kim

5 – Salt and Pepa

6 – MC Lite \ MC (Roxanne) Shante

8 – Missy Elliott

9 – Da Brat

10 – Remy Ma \ Foxy Brown

12 – Jean Grae

13 – Rah Digga

14 – Eve

15 – Lady of Rage

16 – Patra

17 – Amil

18 – Drake

19 – 

20 – Trina Sole

21 – Bahamadia

22 – The chick that be flowing with Wu Tang

Honorable – Lady Luck, Monie Love, Real Roxane, La Chat and Yo Yo

**Notice there is no lil Mama, no women off No Limit (shout out to MiaX and Mercedes), no Fergie, no Willow, no Khia, no Charlie Baltimore,  no Jackie O, no Gangsta Boo, and no Shawanna.

Thats just how I feel…help me out here or agree to disagree. There is no like button so if you comment i can add you to the post.


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