Science: Freeway, Highway, Route and Interstate meanings

21 Jan

Drive much. What does it all mean. I-85, I-95, 27, route 66, 1, 14, 9. Well it’s all relative, just like everything else.

Freeway – An express highway. A toll-free highway.

Route – a main road between cities

Highway – A main road, esp. one connecting major towns or cities  toll-free.


Interstate (State or US) – Existing or carried on between states (!Doy!) and don’t forget toll. 


Highways are usually maintained by the local government (or state but  never federal) but the funding for the highway can come from the federal government.

State highways never cross state lines. US highways do cross state lines.

US highway create paths for travel where the road number does not change from state to state. This was done to make interstate travel easier and was mandated by congress

Freeway are not toll roads.

Interstates are highways that crosses state lines and is not a US highway (cause their are rules to US highways stated above). This is a seperate act of congress create highways that were limited access and were designed for those traveling long distances on a regular basis.


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