Science: Heartburn vs Indigestion

21 Jan

Both very similar. Both ‘cured’ the same way for the most part. Heartburn and Indigestion (or Indigestion and Heartburn) are different and here is how.

Heart Burn

– Heartburn is the son/ daughter on indigestion. Twin even. You can’t have have heartburn without indigestion. HB is a symptom, IDGN is the issue.

-Chest burning all crazy? Like up in your heart area…yup. You got it bad. Considered acid reflux at times. (stomach juice surging upward…TO ME).

-Mostly affects above abodomen, upper torso,  throat, and can cause THAT ‘cough’

-Heart burn is just a goon. Lets move on to the real criminal…Indigestion…


-Creepy indigestion sneaks up on you when you are greedy and eat alot of food. (Thanksgiving)

-Sneaky indigestion shakes you up when you sleep too early after eating

-Drinking alcohol  and eating and laying down, indigestion will meet you there in  a few

-Don’t think you’ve had indigestion? Well if you can’t control burping, nausea flatulence (farts for short) or pain in the upper abdomen then you are a victim.

Some people drink milk for heartburn, some people take drugs for indigestion. Just know they are a team but you need to take out the head to defeat them.


2 Responses to “Science: Heartburn vs Indigestion”

  1. Georgiana Vaulx August 8, 2012 at 12:40 #

    Sometimes i experience some really bad heartburn. The only solution to heartburn is to take some antacid and watch your food intake. :”`,”

    With appreciation


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