Question: Borough and Ward difference?

22 Jan

I don’t know something…*sad face*


 A self-governing incorporated town in some U.S. states, such as New Jersey.  One of the five administrative units of New York City.

(New York) The term borough was adopted to describe a unique form of governmental administration for each of the five fundamental constituent parts of the newly consolidated city. Technically, under New York State Law, a “borough” is a municipal corporation that is created when a county is merged with populated areas within it.[citation needed] This differs significantly from typical borough forms of government used in Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Alaska, other states, Greater London, and elsewhere.

(New Jersey)sometimes abbreviated Boro on road signs) in the context of New Jersey local government refers to one of five types and one of eleven forms of municipal government.


A division of a city or town, especially an electoral district, for administrative and representative purposes
(New Orleans) Politically, the wards are used in voting in elections, subdivided into precincts. Under various previous city charters of the 19th century, aldermen and later city council members were elected by ward. The city has not had officials elected to represent wards since 1912, but the ward designations remain a part of New Orleans’ fabric. Socially, it is not uncommon for New Orleanians to identify where they are from by their ward number.
Well I am more confused than when I started. Ward is like a precinct that people voted internally. Borough is controlled by its own local government. If you are reading this and i’m wrong then help out with you intelligence.

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