Everyone has an ugly friend on Sesame Street

24 Jan

I don’t even want you to think about this one. I’m gonna take it back to Sesame Street. They’re not real so no one get offended. You got Big Bird, Snuffy, Elmos, Ern, Berty, Grouchy, Grovester and the orange looking girly one. There is cookie monster, the count who are monsters (they’re all monsters and one bird if you ask me).

Sesame Street leaves out their one ugly friend out of premiere photo shoots constantly. I mean do you remember Telly. They sure ask him questions and he’s around. When it’s time for pictures and spot light he is nowhere to be found. That’s cold blooded. There needs to be more Telly photo ops and Telly dolls and tickle me Telly’s.

Telly is a monster and he needs to be treated like all the other monsters. its a lil too late for sorry. Telly needs benefits  


One Response to “Everyone has an ugly friend on Sesame Street”

  1. Joshua h berman April 9, 2014 at 05:54 #

    Telly is not the least bit ugly at all. I think he,s cute and adorable. I never hear parents complain about him, so why not include him at all. I like what Martin p. Robinson did for Telly once season 19 came along. For the first time ever, Telly,s moving eyelids made its debut. The beauty thing about it is that it happened while Jim Henson was still around. Three years before his death. Besides, I,ve seen a few Telly monster dolls, plush toys and action figures and they,re all great. In fact, Telly and I actually have something in common. We both worry a lot. I too sometimes can,t control my worrying and I definitely know how Telly feels. Too bad that he really didn’t get to team up with Cookie Monster nor Grover while Jim Henson was still alive. I would,ve liked it a lot better if he did. Now Telly,s eyelids can open and close all the way like big bird,s can. Too bad that Telly,s eyelids weren’t as animated as they are today, but eh. Oh well. What are ya gonna do. Telly without a doubt is the greatest. Certainly a lot better than that terrible two headed creature that I could never stand. Anyway I hope that Telly gets a lot more respect eventually. Sincerely yours, josh berman.

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