Friday Footwear: Foamposite Lebrons. Concord 11. Fake kicks. Shoe Dazzle

4 Feb

Needless to say, these are probably ONE of ONE. Remove the Penny symbol, add your own logo. He’s done these before with the Lebron 4s. I call them the Foam Brons. They are the Foamposite Ones with Lebron make up. AND THEY ARE AWESOME AND I WANT YOU TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT…

Sad story. I stood in line for these shoes. I was the 31st person in line at 730. They said they had 44 pairs.  Only 15 people went in and they sold out. I would have to get this tattoo to pay about the same price to get these shoe now. Ebay was too high. People were losing lives. I seen a guy wearing them at work at his sneaker store…what a waste…i mean, you might as well pour ketchup on them…you dont wear them to work son…UNFORGIVABLE. #Air Jordan Concord 11 i’ll get you next time in 16 years….

I don’t know if  I posted these shoes before. If you don’t know…these shoes are some hot garbage. I did some thinking though. I would play sports in these shoes. If they had my name or a famous basketball players name on them others would hop on the bandwagon too. Jordan Brand (and Reebok) have made some ugly shoes (almost on purpose) but they sell off the shelves. I retract my hate on these shoes. I now APPROVE of these. They have the Jordan 20 sole, Foamposite One Upper, Huarache inspired and probroably CB4 sock interior. Slap Blake Griffen’s or Monty Ellis name on these and you got a winner.

LADIES !!!!!

If you don’t already know….






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