Oh Yea, Black History Month

5 Feb

Black History is American History….


-NBA sneakers

-Deals at supermarkets (especially pertaining to certain produce)

-Feeling special and accepted by other races

-Marching together side by side

-McDonalds commercials (McDonalds has many African-American corporate people that represent well enough)

-Rapping over beats by Dre in a cypher

-Rolling an smoking marijuana or pouring out liquor (i pour out liquor though)

-Wearing some silly African garb an quoting scriptures

-Riding around with Rasta color flag on a car)

-Hi Fives and Jives

NO !!


With that being said (to me)….

Black History month is about remembering innovations, trends, dedication, and outstanding achievements made by ‘Black’ people, BY BLACK PEOPLE.  Black people, remember your Black people, please.

There was a time where nothing could be done by blacks. Then black people, with help sometimes, stuck their necks out there and made things happen. Invented some things. Shook up some venues and movements. Made things important. Moved against establishment. Remember this is important because it was done for you and the future (if you are any race but especially if you are black a way was paved for you to wear you ice, denims, fly, drive and do the simple things you do today)

Generations are lost in most races. Asian and Jewish (not a race) people strive to preserve their history even if it JUST rich (not wealthy but thick purpose driven) family tradition, values and consistency. It’s been said the black community lacks this tradition (and unity, but that is another topic). The black community is still categorized as…BAD STUFF…just watch your TV, the picture (caricature) of Black people is painted by the media and the way blacks are on TV is the only way they can make money sadly even though they know it’s not like that in all black lives but the stereotype is dogma *sans The Wire*.

Stereotypes are/ is still the hardest burden to bear due to the media. Here we have this ‘silly’ month to remind Blacks that there were those that strive for the highest for not only their race and themselves but for the world. ‘Negros in Paris don’t celebrate Black history month and their community is RICH (thick with value, NOT all but most and the stereotypes are transended from French Black person to American Black person…they make fun of Blacks and emulate Blacks based MEDIA)

It’s not about a black fist or a revolution (to me). It’s that head nodd to the ghosts of our past that ‘I see the example set before me and I will TRY to continue to excel not for my people, but for the world to see and for me, the individual, because this is America and I am a man, woman or child and ‘I CAN’….’and if I think I could not (make a difference is any way) then their are many before me that did (make a difference) so there is no excuse not to try’.


” I had the weirdest DREAM. Tell everyone to WAKE UP” !!




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