I Cant Speak For All Philadelphians: Ben Franklin Bridge

7 Feb

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Ben Franklin Bridge . How is it held up? How do suspension bridges work? Why do I have to drive around the circle to go to New Jersey? What is that silver statue? Where does the Patco Train go before you see the station?

That silver monstrosity is a lighting bolt. It sit atop the circle to Jersey in what was suppose to be a depot of travel. Trolleys underground would take you to different parts of the city. A center and gathering place for travelers with food, rest stop and travel information.

The bridge was born on July 1, 1926, and is held up by two GIANT post and suspended by hundreds of thousands of cables that stretch across the length of the bridge and attached deep down to the bed rock of the Delaware River. All this constructed by real men with real pitch forks and strong backs.

A beautiful structure it is often over looked as an attraction but the Benjamin Franklin Bridge is one of the dopest attractions and it is not even being used to it’s full potential.

Listen as Dr Derrick H Pitts takes you on a journey to the potential of the Ben Franklin Bridge.

Ben Franklin Bridge – abandoned/never used trolley line (youtube)


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