Bum Start Up Kit

28 Feb

If you ever unfortunately find yourself about to turn into a bum then you have come to the right page.

There are several things you will need before you embark on you journey back up the ladder.

Remember. Have a jacket with deep pockets and hidden compartments. Second you will need a gimmick. Every bum has a gimmick!! Are you blind today ? Did you loose your house? or your job? or was it you mind? Are you that desperate woman, or that ball out bum? You’ve gotta get your act together. Third….location, location, location…(Dam Dat Bum). Refer to the Dam Dat Bum post for location and how your peers make money. 

Bum Starter Kit


You’re gonna need cardboard. This could be housing and meaning of communication when talking and begging is not enough

The Best writing utensil. Write your gimmick on your cardboard. Grap a sharpie out of any store. Save your money

Plastic bags can be used as shirts, raincoats, shoes, suitcase and many other things. Rack up on plastic bags.

You got your coat with deep pockets to hold the money you’ll be making, BUT you will need a way to collect the money. Hand to hand does not work in this cruel work. A nice mug will do.

Newspaper. Tiolet paper. Blanket. Pillow. You get the idea, just make it work.

Bums without hats don’t get any respect. Get a hat that shoes you demand respect and money. You are going places with a hat and you need money for these place you are going to. Get a hat you bum.

A REAL blanket is necessary for all weather. People may say you have nothing but give it time. All the change adds up. Food is all around you if you can toss your pride. You have no other bum friends out there, they will eat you if you let them. Remember, the starter kit is to start you’re journey back into society. Start early end early and never take your next job for granted.


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