Foodz: Worst Candy Bars EVER

28 Feb

This has been on my mind for ages…sigh…I’m going in !! (I love peanut butter so don’t go there if you are seeing a lot of peanut butter based hate)

It would make sense to do a top 10 or 20 but they candy’s and chocolate bars are all the worst. Getting these on Halloween or in LIFE would be heartbreak. On the level of the orange and chocolate candy in Valentines day hearts boxes.

There are no usual suspects when it comes to candy is what you MAY be thinking. You may also think…candy is all about preference. YOUR personal opinion is wrong here, I’m sure you will agree…

Exhibit  A: Whatchamacallit Bar

I actually remember when these were invented. You wont find these in the hood or at malls. Whatchamacallit is peanut-flavored crisp with a layer of caramel and a layer of milk chocolate coating. Now seriously…who wouldn’t want that. It’s made by chocolate GIANT Hershey…right. Wrong !! Don’t do it to yourself. This is one of the worst things I’ve ever eaten and I constantly pick them up due to the wrapper calling my name to eat it’s yummy inside. Never again will you ruin my day.

Exhibit B:  Zagnut

Zagnut has no chocolate. Mistake number one.  Zagnut has coconut coating and a peanut center. The End…moving on….(truth be told i’ve never had one. and I will never have one either. My mind keeps telling me no…just buy a hundred grand)

Exhibit C:  Zero Bar

Zero Bar is caramel, peanut and almond nougat covered with a layer of white fudge. THIS IS THE WORST CANDY BAR EVER EVER EVER. Hershey couldn’t even save this bar. They look delicious…don’t waste you change though.

Exhibit D: Chunky

Nestle made me very upset when I tried these. The jury is still out but I must go with ‘this is a waste of money’ when there are so many other better snacks out there. If this was a top ten this would be Tenth as a cusp or intro to bad bars instead of a leader/ top tier. Chunky is milk chocolate, California raisins and roasted peanuts. It’s not the worst…but it IS one of the worst.

Exhibit F: Hershey Special Dark

So if you know anything about chocolate then you know Hershey is awesomeness. Mars comes in second. Hershey however likes to break the monotony of it’s cash crops and throw a twist in the mix. The white chocolate bar with the mini chocolate chip pieces made the grade (cookies and cream bar). It was risky but they flew off the shelves. This Special dark is the opposite of the cookies and cream bar.  Hershey Special Dark  contains a higher percentage of cocoa solids, chocolate liquor, and cocoa butter than milk chocolate. Skip it and go with the original.

Exhibit G: Pretzel M&M’s

I’ve already been cursed out for these. I’ve had the coconut M&Ms. They were great. I like pretzel and chocolate. I tried these Pretzel M&Ms and HAD TO tossed them. Many people like these. Peanut M&Ms are only trumped by Mini M&Ms and next comes the original. Mars overdid it this time though.

Exhibit H: Junior Mints

Tootsie Roll company had a great idea. Small rounds of mint filling inside a dark chocolate coating call Junior Mints. I’m gonna write them a letter and explain to them that if it makes them happy they should keep making these but it makes me happy not to eat these or even throw them in the movies.


Ok. Here are the finalist for worst candy. These 4 Candy’s make me and most people i know completely sick. If you like these then there is nothing wrong with you, we just have differently digestive systems. I promise you that nothing short of fear factor would have me eat these products.

Cadbury Cream Eggs

Thick milk chocolate shell, housing a white and yellow fondant filling which mimics the white and yolk of a real egg. They look delicious and sell off the shelves and I don’t understand how…


These are marshmallow candies and they are as bad as a Zero Bars.

Mary Janes

Peanut butter and molasses flavored taffy-type candy with peanut butter in the center. These lil pieces of candy can invoke the worst reactions and facial expressions. I cringe when I see these.

Black Licorice

Death…that’s it. I don’t know anyone that likes black licorice. Whoever is making money on licorice must be…well…evil…

Try all the candies and bars and judge for yourself. This is just my personal. You could pay me to eat these, and that’s the only way. I should apply to these companies now that I think about it…I’d be their greatest asset. Remember, all press is GOOD press!!


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