I Can’t Speak for All Philadelphians: $100 Cheese Steak

28 Feb

SO right. Philly is awesome. Lots of food places to go. Top notch eats and dive bar sliders. What happens when high class meats regular deguluar??

$ 100 Cheese Steaks happens !!!

Barclay Prime has a Wagyu ribeye & foie gras cheesesteak served with a ½ bottle of perrier-jouët grand brut at 100 smackers.

Number one…

This LOVELY dinner item is served at the well respected and delicious Barcley Prime in the Rittenhouse section of Philadelphia. High ceiling, average ambiance, food is well worth the high tags…and great service. (I’m not saying it is Capital Grill or Double Eagle Del Frisco’s but I am saying it’s worth stopping by there ON PAY DAY)

Number 2…

You get a half bottle of  Perrier Jouet Grand Brut. A whole bottle is 35 bucks and is most likely marked up in restaurants. So a half bottle is about, whut… $17.50. Not really impressed by this, but it is Champagne and will beat the Diet Coke you would have ordered.

Number 3…

It’s a one time experience. The flavor and quality of meat must be divine (the meat I had there was divine) and you are getting Foie Gras. Yes, Foie Gras and Wagyu which is like Kobe beef only better-ish.

They could be charging you more but it seems like a fair enough price. You can tell your friend “Hey, have you ever eaten a $100 cheese steak?”


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