Open Letter to Wale

28 Feb

Dear Wale,

Your albums are great. Ambition was not a classic. You have made classics. Your mix tapes, as you know, were the best thing to hit peoples ears for a long time. This letter is not to cap you up though. You are doing your thing on MMG,  which personally as I feel you are true Hip Hop head I don’t see how you could go their but you made it work and you putting out good music and made me into a Rick Ross fan, so I guess yea, it worked out for you. Meek Mills killing, watch out.

Anyway…I’m writing this…wait…did you get the Galaxy’s? or did you find a way to cop the Shooting stars? Galaxy’s kinda corny to me and everyone knows the Foamposites one are hard…not PG hard…just unforgiving and not as comfortable as Foams should be even back the the Charles Barkley Foams…ok got off track again

Ok…the song you made with Black Cobain, Tone P, and Stalley called Cook Up was some trash. Your verse on there made the less sense out of everyone too. I know you trying to promote people and put people on but really though. That was some garbage. To me you have made a hot track every time except maybe two tracks on the 9th wonder joint and 2 on the Seinfeld joint. Attention Deficit banged. Those are albums though. You spit some fly stuff bredda. Cook up sucked real bad though, ESPECIALLY YOUR VERSE.

  You ain’t no trash playboy. As a fan I gotta ask you this though…

Wale, please make a Cook Up part 2, with the same cats on there (maybe call Rozay and Meeka) and ACTUALLY rap like you got some skill over that beat. Please. No disrespect neither. Thank you.

-Cez’L and The Fans of Wale

Keep saving Hip Hop and rep’n your class

Wale is up there on my list with Jay Z, Nas, Busta, Eminem and dem. The boy’s got talent. Youngsters like J Cole and him are what the genre needs. Shout out to Meek Millz.


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