VERSUS: Mary Kate and Ashley vs Kate Middleton

28 Feb


Prince William’s ain’t do it right if you ask me. Cause I was him I would have married Kate & Ashley – Kanye West

This statement may in fact be true. (shout out to Kanye and the Olsen twins and Royal peoples wuddup)

Royal life never seems like “The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” show. Some die rich, some die name less. Prince and Princess seem happy and they MAY travel here and there but how much fun are you really having. From an American stand point MOST women want to be a princess…and most guy think back like I coulda used a version. That’s not American reality though. (so i should shut up right now)…

I’m not shutting up. Then fun level for a Prince (or a Negro in Paris creator) would be 1000 times Mary Kate and Ashley than it will ever be with PKM. How tired are Americans gonna get of drug and alcohol induced party hardery…not as tired as when they can’t use their arteries…

PKM has up’d her beauty game. Pretty woman indeed that seems to like reading in bed and horseback riding in the morning. Eggs or easy, toast and a walk in the garden. Lets say if she even ‘rocked out’ for a week. Where ever her and the Prince would be ‘rocking out’ at would be nothing compared to the after after AFTER part MK&A would be having.

All that to say Kanye was right, yet again. PW didn’t do it right. He did what he had to do. At least he broke up that incestial inbreading (rumor)


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