28 Feb

This is gonna be quick.

The now network Sprint…now you can’t do anything VERSUS AT&T…Your world, delivered…for cash.


Both are Awesome.

*Sprint has some weak service in areas.

*ATT will drop your call at certain times of day, over water and ad nauseum

*Sprint is less money than ATT with a strong phone service, great costumer service and many options are FREE GPS, Picture editing, mobile to any mobile

*ATT gives you the world (at a cost) with WORLD WIDE coverage which is strong. There service allows you to talk and surf the web as well which is HUGE. (Sprint does not have this and if it did it would be the best phone service EVER. Sprint phones can be used oversea however ATT service is better overseas)

*ATT makes you pay (hi Verizon) and you do NOT get much bang for your buck. They will be damned if they change their plans to assist you in these hard times but when you do the math it’s kinda fair…until you get your first Sprint bill and realize ATT was charging you for stuff you coulda been getting free all along. 

At the end of the day Sprint edges out ATT with all it’s TRULY unlimited crap which all comes down to money well spent.  Nowadays you are paying less for more with Sprint.

ATT however is not out of the running completely. What you pay for with ATT is the power of their network. Their market is geared to a more world wide approach and at times it seems fair because they have many customizable plans and options that compete well with other companies plus thier super awesome world coverage as well as talk and surf…but you gotta pay.

ATT has a lot of dropped calls but service in all places. Sprint does NOT nickle and dime you though they DO have hidden fees and claim they don’t **$9 compared to ATT $15 – $28**.

If you’ve got the cash. Stick with ATT. If you want to save and get everything you had with ATT for less except talk and surf/ service in church/ and true global then you have an easy choice to make.



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