What If: Pedo Bear Care Bear

28 Feb

Pedobear Stare !!!

“Its totally a breathalizer”

Pedo Bear broke into the Care Bear world and ruined our childhoods…that would (don’t say suck, blow, hurt, kill…) um, that would be terrible.

Cezl in NO WAY supports pedophilia and the lot. It is a serious offense and should be punishable to the Nth degree.


10 Original Care Bears | 37 were added later | 11 Cousin’s They were all added after the 1980s – 1990s care bears were added
Bed time bear
Birthday bear
Cheer bear
Friend bear
Funshine bear
Good luck bear
Grumpy bear
Love -a-lot bear
Tenderheart bear
Wish bear

Added care bears in the 1980s and 1990s
Baby hugs bear
Baby tugs bear
Champ bear
Daydream bear
Forest friend bear
Grams bear
Harmony bear
Perfect & Polite panda
Proud Heart bear
Sea Friend bear
Secret bear
Share bear
Surprise bear
Take Care bear
True Heart bear

Introduced in the 2000s
All My Heart bear
Always There bear
America Cares bear
Amigo bear
Bashful Heart bear
Best Friend bear
Do-Your-Best bear
Hheartstrong bear
Hopeful heart bear
Laugh-A-Lot bear
Oopsy bear
Play-A-Lot bear
Shine Bright bear
Smart Heart bear
Superstar bear
Sweet Dreams bear
Thanks-A-Lot bear
Work of Heart bear

Care Bears from The Care Bear’s big wish movie. Never released as pluhes. Wish-a-lot bear (did appear as plush)
Me bear
Messy bear
Too Loud bear

Care Bear Cousins (after their original 1980s run) no longer appear in any care bears movies or tv series. Plushes released.
Brave Heart lion
Bright Heart raccoon
Cozy Heart penguin
Gentle Heart lamb
Losta Heart elephant
Loyal Heart dog
Noble Heart horse
Playful Heart monkey
Proud Heart cat
Swift Heart rabbit
Treat Heart pigThe End is Near


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