I Can’t Speak For All Philadelphians: Speaking for Philadelphians

3 Mar

How to speak like a Philadelphian with out speaking for one 101.

This excerpt is taken from and OLD Phila Airport city guide. It’s funny kinda true and dated but if you’re frequent Philly you will surely get a chuckle or two.


How to Tawk Like a Naydiv Fluffyan

by Clark DeLeon (Columnist and bona fide native Philadelphian)

New in town? If this is your first visit, you may find this Philadelphian-to-English glossary helpful. Philadelphia is a city of proud and distinct neighborhood, and the people who grew up in these neighborhoods often speak in a proud  and unique manner. It’s more than an accent, it’s an attitude, or as we pronounce it, ‘addytood’. “This is the way we tawk in Fluffya, you goa a problem with that ?”

Here are certain words you can master on you taxi ride.

SKOOKILL – an expressway and a river.

SENDA CIDDY – where the expressway takes you.

WOODER – the liquid stuff flowing in the river.

GAZZ – the liquid stuff that keeps taxi cabs going.

KWAWFEE – the liquid stuff that keeps cab drivers going.

ACKROST – from hereto there. Your destination could be ackrost town.

WINDAS – the roll down glass things in the car.

PURDY – the view of the Senda Ciddy skyline out the windas.

BEEYOUDEEFUL – the view of the skyline at night.

PIXTURE – the view of the skyline that comes out of a camera.

LANNICK CIDDY – the place ackrost in Jersey where you can gamble.

DOWNASHORE – where Lannick Ciddy is.

SHTREETS – what cars drive on in Senda Ciddy.

PAYMENTS – what people walk on in Senda Ciddy.

FIFF – a numbered street located between Forf and Sixt.

YO – what Fluffyans shout to friends ackrost the street.

YO, HON – what Fluffyans shout to friends of the opposite sex.

YOUSE – second person singular.

YIZ – second person plural.

YIZZLE – a contraction, as in “YIZZLE have fun in Fluffya.”

WIDGES – a contraction, as in YIZZLE have even more fun if a Fluffyan goes widges to show you around town.

INNERESTIN – what many of the museums are.

LYBERRY – place where you can read upon other innerestin stuff.

BUDDER – stuff you spread on top of bread.

TAHMAYDAHS – slices that go on top of hoagies.

ACKAME – big store where you can buy budder and tahmaydahs.

NAYDIVS – people who grew up in Fluffya.

TELLUM – what you’ll do when you see friends, tellum about the way we tawk.


JAWN – Person place or thing. ” I got the jawn from the jawn from over the jawn.

NA MEAN – Do you understand

AKI – Friend, person, or stranger. Synonounmous with Yo

YO – Person

BULL / BAWL / BOOAL – Person usually a male Fluffyan

DER / DIR – There. “We going over der”

JOE – Dork, or person that is considered corney. “You are acting real Joe Booal”

Bye BOY – this conversation is over. (Can be taken seriously or in jest)

DRAWLIN – Bringing or drawing attention to a situation that is unnecessary or excessive. “Da young booal was drawling at the jawn na mean”

ERKING – Jerking someones nerves. “He acting real Joe yo, bull is down at the jawn erking.

YOUNG BULL / BAWL / BOOAL – A young person usually a teenager or under. College student

OLD HEAD – Some one that looks too old for college. Someone older than a teenager or younger.

BREAD – Money

KOP – King of Prussia (MALL)

THIRSTY – Person who requires a lot of attention or gives an incredible amount of attention to a person(s).

BOOSTING – Stealing, usually from a retail chain, usually in KOP..

MERKING – moving swiftly, speeding, traveling fast

LIKE – transtional term. “Young bull/ booal like was boosting and the cops like started erking and him and the old head started merking to the jawn”

YAN NA NA MEAN SKI – You know what i mean, do you understand. (Rarely used)

THE BOTTOM – Area outside/ inside West Philadelphia

SEPTA – Philly public transportation (this word is said alot)

TREE – Weed or Timberland boots (situational) 

how to speak like a philadelphian


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