Phyton – World’s fastest amphibious vehicle (Like Cool) Heathcliff

3 Mar

Someone watched a little to much Heathcliff growing up, i mean the car is even orange. This car can travel on land and see…um this vehicle can travel on land and sea….just like in Heathcliff…only that vehicle was a mobile home and submarine too. Crazy cartoon car. I don’t think this is the first land and sea car. The first one i think was in 1964 Amphicar

Phyton Worlds fastest amphibious vehiclePhyton Worlds fastest amphibious vehicle
Watercar Phyton is the fastest amphibious vehicle. It can jet along at 60 mph on water, and on land, goes from 0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds. The price is $170,000. The Python is a custom-built amphibious vehicle, uses an aluminum Corvette LS engine on land. Check out the video. It is awesome!

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