Sportz: Obama Daps Lebron on 1992 vs 2012 Dream Team Debate

28 Jul

“We’re not talking about the game I Love !!!”









Cause if we were then you’d know that the 2012 dream team had NO CHANCE against the 1992 team.

This guy has the best rant (went in a lil hard on Kobe)

They wouldnt lose by 43, they would lose by maybe 15-20 points because these are proffesional world class athletes. We are however talking about 11 players who changed the game and are the forefathers of this 2012 team, mere shadows of the real deals. 

Obama  clearly just greeting Lebron well before debate.

Not Enough NASTY
Can anyone above the SF position deal with the likes of Charles Barkley and Karl Malone is my fabled arguement. Look at this clip. The 2012 team doesn’t have enough NASTY. They are not tough as these two guys plus Patrick Ewing and a crafty shot blocker / defender David Robinson.


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