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I can’t speak for all Philadelphians: Lola Falana

28 Oct

Yes, born in Camden but we gonna claim her in Philly. This beautiful starlet was one of the highest paid female performers in Vegas. She is an inspiration to young women (to me).

Loletha Elaine “Lola” Falana was born September 11, 1942 in Camden, New Jersey is an American singer, dancer, and actress.

Wiki Bio

Falana’s father left Cuba to become a welder in the United States, where he met his wife. Falana spent most of her childhood in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. By the age of three she was dancing, and by age five she was singing in the church choir. By the time she was in junior high school, she was already dancing in nightclubs to which she was escorted by her mother. Pursuing a musical career became so important to Falana that, against her parents’ wishes, she left Germantown High School a few months before graduation and moved to New York City.

Her first dancing gig was at “Small’s Paradise” in Harlem. Dinah Washington, the “Queen of Blues”, was influential in fostering Lola’s early career.

While dancing in a nightclub, Falana was discovered by Sammy Davis Jr., who gave her a featured role in his 1964 Broadway musical Golden Boy. Lola’s first single, “My Baby”, was recorded for Mercury Records in 1965. Later in her career she recorded under Frank Sinatra’s record label. In the late 1960s Falana was mentored by Davis. In 1966 Davis cast her, along with himself, Ossie Davis, and Cicely Tyson, in her first film role in the film, A Man Called Adam.

Falana became a major star of Italian cinema beginning in 1967. In Italy she learned to speak fluent Italian while starring in three movies, the first of which was considered a spaghetti western. She was known as the “Black Venus”. During this time she was busy touring with Davis as a singer and dancer, making films in Italy, and reprising her role in Golden Boy during its revival in London.

In 1969 Falana ended her close working relationship with Sammy Davis Jr., though the two remained friends. “If I didn’t break away,” Lola told TV Guide, “I would always be known as the little dancer with Sammy Davis Jr. … I wanted to be known as something more.” The previous year, Sammy Davis Jr. was divorced by his second wife, May Britt, after Davis admitted to having had an affair with Falana.

In 1970, Falana made her American film debut in The Liberation of L.B. Jones and was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for New Star Of The Year – Actress for her performance. That same year she posed for Playboy magazine. She was the first black woman to model for a line of cosmetics that was not targeted solely at blacks, in the successful Faberge Tigress perfume ads. In those early years, she also starred in a few movies considered to be of the blaxploitation genre.

American TV audiences became familiar with Falana during the early 1970s. She often appeared on The Joey Bishop Show and The Hollywood Palace, displaying her talent for music, dance, and light comedy. These appearances led to more opportunities.

She was the first supporting player hired by Bill Cosby for his much-anticipated variety hour, The New Bill Cosby Show, which made its debut on September 11, 1972 (her 30th birthday) on CBS. Cosby had met Falana in his college days, when he was a struggling comic and she was a 14-year-old dancing for $10 a show in Philadelphia nightclubs.[citation needed] Throughout the mid-1970s Falana made guest appearances on many popular TV shows, including The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, Laugh-In and The Flip Wilson Show. She also starred in her own television specials.

In 1975 her disco record “There’s A Man Out There Somewhere” reached #67 on the Billboard R&B chart. That same year, she returned to Broadway as the lead in the musical Doctor Jazz. Although the production closed after just five performances, Lola was nominated for a Tony Award and won the 1975 Theater World Award.

With help from Sammy Davis, Falana brought her act to Las Vegas and became a top draw there. By the late 1970s, she was considered the Queen of Las Vegas. She played to sold-out crowds at The Sands, The Riviera, and the MGM Grand hotels. Finally The Aladdin offered her $100,000 a week to perform. At the time, Falana was the highest paid female performer in Las Vegas. Her show ran twenty weeks a year and became a major tourist attraction.

While still playing to sell-out crowds in Las Vegas, Falana joined the cast of a short-lived CBS soap opera, Capitol as Charity Blake, a wealthy entertainment mogul.



Cezl Twitter: Oct 2012

28 Oct

I take fun seriously

Asses should be seen not heard

If packs of cigarettes were left in from of building in a study some people would take them others would sell them, some would see a trap others would ask for more….what would you do otherwise

People would fuck over “fuck” if it could be fucked.  #lastpoets

You dont have feeling in my  house until you start paying bills.

Big boats turn slow

People will turn your truth into a lie and a lie into gospel
Self interest is the only way to gain money

Short life, regular life or long life, you must spend doing what you want to do

The more  you care, the less money you probably make. #life

50 Cent has a time machine…#LOOPER movie with gatmen and gatman and robin #jayztimemachine #kanyetimemachine

Most women don’t know they want to be a trophy wife and pretend they know what it means to be a partner. #love

Marriage is the greatest show on Earth that you will perform in #marriage #divorce

Beauty is an opinion not a fact

Women now really don’t like photos of anything  but their bodies, but wonder why we don’t pay attention to any ting but their bodies #women #prettygirls

Women are the most confused creatures on earth and when they are not confused they are viewed as crazy or lesbians and sometimes worst

When you’re white the sky is the limit, when you are (place race here including white but not limited to black) the limit is the sky. #race #color

Don’t be a scared bitch

You can’t afford to ❤ me because roses are red, violets are blue, vodka is cheaper than dinner for two (2) #savemoney #makemoney

SWEET – secretly we eat elephant testicles (every testicle)

SWAG – secretly we are gay #swag #meaningofswag

Kobe play like every shot is the final shot

Presidential is debate is used to catch the big fish #debate #romney #obama

Dont hang your head for anyone, life has no price, the price has already been paid #hope
Don’t let yesterdays failures ruin the beauty of today, because each day has its own promise of love, joy and forgiveness  (es)

if i had a twitter page this is what i would probably say….

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27 Oct

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27 Oct

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27 Oct

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27 Oct


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27 Oct


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