Gay Rights. Gay’s Right. Gay Right. Gays’ Right. Gay Writes.

21 Aug

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Another pandemic as big as racism sweeping across the world is ” THE GAY “>  Llike being gay hasn’t been around since the beginning of time. They had/ have rules against it in the old testament. And what’s older than the old testament, NOTHING !! I mean really, 40 years ago in the 70s ind you they had (and still have) villages and village people. I wasn’t as cool as it was back then, being put in Greco Roman art and talked about in the 80s comedy clubs but nowadays people are having heart attacks. Families are being broken and folks are sue-ing the pants off of people for the F word even.

Oversea people are getting their lights turned out, clocks cleanded and straight up murdered for being who they are. State side people are choosing I believe. Like 50 percent of people are legit, 25 percent picked it up on a molestation charge  and the rest are fly by night F words jumping in and out of the lifestyle. Why do I say this? Well their are too many Lesbians that can’t stand how women treat them worst than men and Men who hardcore want kids and to raise a family in a traditional woman man house hold…being gay on the side like fries.

(Could you sue for being called a N-gger, well don’t try to make it like the black issue cause blacks are still waiting to get paid for a lot of hard work is my only gripe if any with the gay community.)

You see, some people out there like licorice, umm yummy right, hell NO, it’s nasty. BUT if YOU like licorice then have at it all you want. What YOU like is what YOU like. We can laugh joke and play when someone dates an ugly guy/ girl in a heterosexual relationship but would you break up their happiness…cause they were BORN UGLY. Ok well that’s not a good example but, what I am saying is that if someone wanted to date ugly people that’s THEIR right. They can take it up with your God, or their God or the God they don’t believe in. I don’t like asparagus but I’m not gonna march for or against it cause it’s none of my business. No one likes public display of affection so do that stuff at home EVERYONE, yes every one…teens, adults, gays and straights. I have 5 gay friends does not make you the gay rights liaison either.

What I know for sure with all my heart is that I can stand on is that there is comedy in every thing and I will demonstrate though the pictures below…

(also never scream Lesbian Lesbian Lesbian or you will unleash the Gay Beetlejuice whom will on sprinkle rainbow glitter magic all over you straight lifestlyes and eat your babies literally)

GET IN THE GAY !!! Click Below


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