Love ♥ + MUSIC♫ ♪ ♫ : Mayer Hawthorne – The Walk + My Favorite songs right now

13 Sep


*** This Post contains a list of all the songs/ music/ artist I should have been posting. ***

“Don’t look back unless you plan on going that way…”

You ever here that one. Don’t look back you might stumble…Don’t look back “place some ole bullcrap here”…

Yea, it’s an opinion just like, If you look back you can see how far you’ve gone/ come…If you look back you might find what you’ve always been missing…

At any rate, this song made me look back and laugh at a couple past situations. A COUPLE !!!

Mayer Hawthorne was suggested to me in passing by a stranger I don’t ever remember how but his video and song THE WALK is a treat if you ever been in a relationship or even if you haven’t. It’s a Mr and Mrs Smith feel good video with sharp contemporary lyrics. Anyway here it is, it should make you smile if you ever look back occasionally…


Mayer Hawthorne – The Walk

I haven’t posted music in a while because


Akala (malcolm said it, maangmazi, old soul)

Dubstep (doctor P, delta heavy, feed me, diplo, skism, kill the noise, pegboard nerds, skrillex, knife party, kong speaks and ganja white night)

Gary Clark Jr (bright lights, whole lotta love, when my train pulls in, don’t woe you a thing, numb )

Prince (while my guitar gently weeps tom petty steve winwood, jeff lynne beetles tribute)

Awolnation (guilty filthy, sail, wake up, kill your heroes, not your fault),

lorde (tennis court, white teth teens, glory and gore),

vampire weekend (diane young, step, ya hey, don’t lie, finger back),

childish gambino (centipede, heartbeat, 3005, bon fire, freaks and geeks),

chance the rapper has ONE song I like called ‘chain smoker’

danny brown has TWO songs I like called red 2 go and smoking and drinkn (also featured on from the back by flosstradamus)

baptazia – WATCH ON YOUTUBE (super sunday, holy ghost vs pendulum, holy ghost vs individual, jesus vs drum and bass),

arctic monkeys (r u mine, knee socks, do I wanna know, no 1 party anthem, snap out of it, why you only call me when you’re high, arabella, I wanna be yours, one for the road……just get the whole album),

bilal (winning hand, white turns grey, longing and waiting, cake and eat it too*, restart

eminiem (MMLP2 album… all of it…now!),

incredible bongo band (pipeline, wipeout),

joe higgs (reggae artist much like early Bob Marley),

evanescence (going under. call me when youre sober, lies, never go back, your star, haunted, basically all their songs and covers *zero by smashing pumpkins),

old techno (like le Knight club, giorgio moroder (including songs e=mc2, baby blue, racer, i wanna rock with you) and crydajam (playground, if you give me the love i want), 

cry wolf (the home we made)

major lazer album – guns don’t kill people…lazers do (dubstep reggae basically),

dreadzone -basically reggae techno/ dubstep with and euro twist (iron shirt, king dub rock, once upon a time in Jamaica, ska con queso, gangster, here we go, games people play, first steps)

malcolm x soundtrack,

sharky puppy (alma, bear creek 2011, strawman, the good man deliver adn the best are blinded, minjor, slow demon excerpt, too hot to last, whitecap, YOUNGSTUFF*),

southern university college band (everything and also southern U band vs talladega band is insane),

meytal cohen (cover drummer that does old favs),

pusha  (SNITCH, hold on, numbers on the board, let me love you feat ma$e, who i am,)

nicki miniaj – I like all her music, most people don’t. nicki was a theater student, she is out there acting. I love it.

juicy j (show out, bounce it, dark horse, sh-t, clappers, keep calm)

maino Tupac problems, what happened) LOL (yes!! maino has 2 good song)

2 chain is not the greatest but has plenty of features, he wrote a ton of rhymes, I think that’s dope

rick ross – I like all ricks tracks, yes even that one

young jeezy – jeezy does have a bad record

la roux (bullet proof, tiger lily quick sand, growing pains) she is also featured on lazer proof with major lazers bulletproof

social disco club (don’t, falling leaves, let me show you – Michael Jackson tribute)

redman (i used to be)

jadakiss – on any feature plus good tracks

nore – on any feature plus good tracks

I would have posted all these tracks alone the way but ya mean….#LIFE…I was listening now posting

image.php pianolovemusic-c704b73e9c2c7febe1a7e1e44fdea634_h


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