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Cars: Das Auto Aug 14

19 Aug

200+ images of exciting car, bikes, boats vanity plates and vehicles !!!!

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Fashion Nov 2012

5 Nov

women fashion, dashiki robbery, Bentley suicide doors

Carz: Oct 2012

27 Oct

cool cars fast cars funny cars

I was in a bike accident, what do i do?

27 Oct

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Types of Accidents

There are two types of bike/car accidents that are more common than any others:

  • The left-hand turn, where a vehicle turns left directly into the path of a cyclist going the opposite direction. In this situation, the motorist often never even sees the cyclist until it’s too late.
  • The right hook, where a vehicle passes a cyclist who’s riding in the bike lane or right shoulder going the same direction, then immediately makes a right turn directly into the cyclist’s path.

Other situations pop up, such as vehicle doors opening into a cyclist’s path, or rear-ending situations. Whatever the case and however severe, they should be treated in a specific manner…

No matter how mild you think it might be call the police in the event of an accident. If a police report is filed based on information gathered at the scene, the story can’t change later on if you need to submit an insurance claim.

In addition, it’s important that you obtain the vehicle driver’s insurance information, address, phone number and license plate number. If there are witnesses on the scene, get their names and phone numbers, as well.

As with vehicle-on-vehicle accidents, don’t admit fault, and don’t minimize your injuries or your bike damage. There’s no reason to.

The reason you exchange information is to protect yourself, always get the police involved.


Padiddle – according to Urban Dictionary

27 Oct

A game played while in a vehicle. ‘Padiddle’ is said when another vehicle is spotted that has only a single headlight. The person/people who didn’t say padiddle must remove one article of clothing. But realistically the person that first spot the vehicle with one headlight usually just punches the ceiling and says padiddle before anyone else does THUS gaining bragging rights and keeping score and tired friends awake and alert while driving home.


10 Rules for Dealing with Police

27 Oct


Some times the law doesnt work for you…

“What few people understand, but police know all too well, is that your constitutional rights only apply if you understand and assert them. Unless they have strong evidence (i.e. probable cause) police need your permission to search your belongings or enter your home. The instant you grant them permission to invade your privacy, many of your legal protections go out the window and you’re left on the hook for anything illegal the police find, as well as any damage they cause in the process.

Of course, even if you know your basic rights, police officers are trained to shake your confidence. If you refuse a search, I might respond by threatening to call in a drug-sniffing dog and sternly reminding you that things will go much easier if you cooperate. Creating a sense of hopelessness for the suspect enables us to break down their defenses and gain compliance. In the film, we show several variations on these common threats, but the main lesson is that it doesn’t matter what the officer says; you still have to remain calm and protect your rights.

In today’s world of smart phone video, YouTube and Twitter, stories of police abuse travel fast, creating greater awareness of the problem of police misconduct. Unfortunately, this heightened awareness often serves to reinforce the notion that “cops can do whatever they want.” It’s true that much work remains to be done towards ensuring police accountability, but the very first step is to educate the public about basic constitutional rights.

Citizens who understand their rights are much less likely to experience negative outcomes, both on the street and in a court of law. Until each of us has the ability to protect our individual rights and recognize injustices against others, we’re not likely to accomplish much in the realm of broader policy reform.”

10 Rules for Dealing with Police (Full-Length)



YD Pictures: Cars

28 Jul

They are replica cars out there nowadays. cars that have a old corvette engine with a Lamborghini body kit…made of fiberglass, cardboard or carbon.


The black Aspid-GT21-Invictus is real…and looks real real fast…

There is a Hennessy Lotus inspired Venom GT that IS fastest car in the world (?)

Also look up car wrapping…(not car rapping)…Custom wraps for cars are in and cool…you’ve probably seen one and didnt’ know.  (That chrome bike is wraped and so is then camero)


YB Lambo

Mustang Matte Black wrap