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Funny: Reaction Text/ Gifs/ Meme

19 Aug


Don’t know what to say when you receive a text or if you are in a group chat….well send a reaction pic/ gif/ meme…

Choose from a bunch below

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Home Decor: Cool Pics of interior designs

19 Aug

Cool designs for the home and fun house designs


Cartoons, Comics & Video Games: Street Fighter 2

19 Aug

Street Fighter 2 is one of my favorite games. I’ve read the entire Street Fighter Wiki… soooo much stuff, sooo many connection…anyway, here are some fan arts.


Books: Mocking Jay : Hunger Games Districts

19 Aug

Hunger Games, yay !! Katniss and the gang are gonna be back in a 2 part gat damn double movie that could be ONE GOOD GAT DAMN MOVIE. If you haven’t read all three books please do so right now, then watch the movie which are good as hell BUT will find ways to piss you off due to the fine writing and plot that is ignored at KEY GOT DAMN TIMES. My hate for  Katniss grows as the books progress but it’s great read overall, despite her being Katniss and the girl from Divergent….WATCH DIVERGENT to see how Katniss should really be in a whole other movie !!!

Shout out to Divergent, you were no Hunger Games but you had me thinking Katniss and wanting to be a whatever the black group was in the movie…

Anyway, here are some Propos of the Districts…and some Hunger Games goodness.


Watch Divergent !!!




Cosplay and Costumes: Dec 12

29 Dec

Games and Comics: Dec 12

29 Dec

Best Halloween Costumes of 2012

5 Nov

Captain Jack, Wolverine, Superman, Boba Fett, Han Solo, Indian Jones, Joker (dark knight), Frodo (ring around neck), Batman (gaunlets), *that scarf*, storm trooper (shoulder), epic   !!! This costume is made of WIN

best Halloween costumes

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