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Pause for Obama: Aug 2014

21 Aug


Barry OBAMA!! Our main man !!! Aaand by “OUR” I mean this great Nation, not just some race. Ever since his epic historic combo breaker on the Presidential scene he’s been our favorite ageless Patriarch. He does seem ageless too, remember they had him aging like Mandela (RIP) with the white hair and wrinkles…smh. Welp, He’s still here with his lovely Wife and Family leading the way like Hot Wheels. He’s featured on the World news and in the meme world as well and he is even featured as a toy. Here are a couple pics from the last couple years of him in the spotlight and meme universe…



Obama stuff

29 Dec


More Yummy Delicious with mild commentary

29 Mar

– Music Then and now is pretty accurate, there is nothing new under the sun. The shot at Skrillex is on point. Dubset isn’t all bad, but when you DO think about it, these are the sounds of old office equipment at it’s best.

– Obama FTW

– What happens in Vegas stay in Vegas originated as this photograph by Ed Clark, published in Life magazine in 1945 is my best guess.

-Recyclable water bottles. Environment FTW. Plastic takes 700 years to BEGIN to decompose.

– The saddest scene you could ever see is in the Never Ending Story…

The Rich Should Pay More Taxes

5 Feb

Forget rich, lets get wealthy. What is rich anyway?

There’s Joe the Plumber. He makes 40000 a year.

There Joan the CEO. She makes 400,000 a year.

Joe pays 5 percent in taxes.

Joan Pays 2 percent in taxes.

Joe wants Joan to pay 5 percent.

Joan writes of 1.5 of her taxes. Joan pays .5 percent

Joan works 7 – 5 with 5 weeks vacation. Joe work 6 to 7 with 2 weeks vacation.

The two meet on vacation and discuss taxes.

Joan understands that Joe just wants things even so everyone pays the same.

The share different laughs when the bartender suggest life’s not fair’.

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Presidential Electorial Candidate 2012 and beyond

5 Feb

I would Vote for this guy. Everything would stay the same, he would just be the figurehead…AND HE’D END UP ON LEGAL TENDER !!!!

“My President is Vermin “

Vermin Supreme runs in New Ham Hampshire which has some kind of rule is guess….

Coolest Pictures with Cez’L captions…. Jan 2012

17 Jan

This is true. I do this now and I so see this happening in MY future

All the Nintendo Characters

This Bridge Goes UNDER the water to let ships go buy.

Pause for Batman (statue)

Makes sense doesn’t it. Like ass not being a curse cause Jesus said it.

It’s all about awareness. Now for STD Barbie.

Dear Google, where is the hand character ‘Thing’…doy…no cat.

Dear Google, and African American female artist, why do you have the black faces look like they are in a noose. 6 Nooses. Jenna Six. Is America strangling the youth/ blacks. Just why.

Who will be the next…Lauryn Hill or Black African American Negro Leader

14 Oct

There is a shortage of  Black African American Negro leaders.

Back story:

The rap game. Cause most young folk can relate. Think about how thorough Lauryn Hill. She could have been a King of Rap. Soon she learned it’s a man’s world and fullfilled her natural calling as a woman.  When Hill was a young inspirted female she was dominant. She gained props from the likes of Jay Z, Kanye and other artist.  She was even sought by Wyclef to regroup the Fugees and revive Hip Hop.  Thanks to Dave Chappllee she was out on Block Party and we were able to see her one last time (on a serious note that is). Thing is…she is gone now. Moved on. Lil Kim, Foxy (Sharpton/ Jackson) came along but could hang on longevity. Nicki Minaj (Cornell West *yea he has always been here, i know) has been holding it down, but usually clashes with other females in the game.


Who the kids gonna listen to? Guess me if it isn’t you. -Kanye West

Well the whole Lauryn Hill scenario reminds me of the Black leaders of America today. Obama will be gone, Herman Cain is a joke…who will be the next legitimately Black leader?

Candidates —>

Rent to damn high guy ( got evicted)

Don Lemon (haaay not saying there can’t be a black gay leader, just not yet).

Jay-Z,  Waka Flocka, Wyclef, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, (musicians won’t work).

Tavis Smiley, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Cornell West (just the names I know but most out of their prime). They know the dilemma more than anyone.  

These young confused young black men in skinny jeans growing up on Dora and Sponge Bob totally foriegn to struggle and sticking together as a race thinking they are Meek Mills and when they should be watching 2 Pac and Malcolm X (Stan the White man) since we just had Martin as President. (run on sentence, one of many)

If you were in a movie then you shouldn’t even be a candidate. The Ronald Ragon days are over. Get money? Yea!! Like Diddy, but for your campaign, not your champagne. You are gonna need it. Develop a crew like Prince and expand. Basically, get strong like Lauryn Hill but also consider the decline after she left. All the voices can be lifted however only ONE will need to be heard. (Like Obama)

I just want to know who it will be ? or will the glass ceiling be replaced after the Obama finishes his 8 years.

Yesterday we were king, who are we today.