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Pause for Batman: Aug 2014 Plus DC Comics

19 Aug

200+ Pictures of Batman aka the Dark Knight plus some DC stuff including Harley Quinn, Joker, Superman and more.

ALL  DC Media basically…

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Star Wars: Best Star Wars Artwork Ever

29 Dec


storm trooper at at at-at best star wars pic

Pause for Batman: Dec 12

29 Dec

Pause for Star Wars Disney

5 Nov

Star Wars Disney merger

Pause for TMNT – Nov 2012 – Ninja Turtle Villains

5 Nov

ninja turtle villians irl, bebop, rock steady, shredder, turtle irl

Pause for TMNT: Oct 2012

27 Oct

teenage mutant ninja turtle, irl, real ninja turtle, cool art turtles, future ninja turtles, splinter, April Oneal, Shredder

Pause for Batman: Toaster Time Machine collection

27 Oct

thank you toaster time machine mainly, batman, batmobile, bat plane, dark knight