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Friday Footwear: 6 in Boot Reboot..

28 Jul

coolest 6 in pump, stilletos, pumps


For Paraniod Conspiracy Eyes Only !! Top Secret !! human resources documentary

15 Jul

Human Resources

Human Resource 1/9


Everything you know is a lie, or a lie you can create for everyone else


What Happened to Hechinger (only Home Depot and Lowes nowdays)

15 Jul

John Hechinger, Sr. helped pioneer the do it yourself industry. A single hardware store established by his father (Sidney) in 1911, Hechinger grew to a 64-store chain by the time it acquired Virginia Beach, Virginia-based HQ Home Quarters Warehouse in December 1987 for $66 million.

After several rounds of store closings, Hechinger Co. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on June 11, 1999, but the reorganization failed. That September, Hechinger’s assets were liquidated, including its 117 remaining stores.

In 2004, Home Decor Products bought the Hechinger brand name and opened an online retailer the following year,[1] which sells the same products as the former brand. On February 5, 2009, it was announced that the site would shut down and Hechinger would no longer sell tools. The site closed shortly thereafter.

Hechinger was one of the first sponsors of network television news in the early 1950s, when television was in its infancy. Their sponsorship of the 11 PM newscast at TV station WTOP in Washington, DC, was a first, according to Walter Cronkite (an anchor of those broadcasts) in his autobiography A Reporter’s Life. Walter Cronkite also reported that the products of this particular business, such as sheet rock, tools, and other appliances, did not compare to their competitors’ quality of products. Therefore, he did not recommend the use or purchase of these products due to the nature of their insufficient qualities.

Transportation: 3 Hot Rides

13 Apr

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Kool Aid sitting on dubbs, Newport car, Apocalypse truck , the end is near

Foodz: Famous Last Meals (of murderers)

29 Mar

Last meals of people on taken out by Death Row. Guess it got silly at the end for some of these guys…no pun intended.

Victor Feguer. 28. Florida.

Lethal Injection-ed

LAST MEAL: A Single Olive with the pit in it.


Angel Nieves Diaz. 55. Florida. Murder, Kidnapping, Armed Robbery.

Lethal Injection-ed.

LAST MEAL: Declined meal. Served regular prison meal instead but also declined meal.


Timothy McVeigh. 33. Indiana. 168 counts of murder.

Lethal injection-ed.

LAST MEAL: 2 Pints of Mint and Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Ricky Ray Rector.42. Arkansas. 2 counts of murder.

Lethal injection-ed.

LAST MEAL: Steak, Fried Chicken, Cherry Kool-Aid and Pecan Pie (He left the Pecan Pie telling a guard he was saving it for later)


John Wayne Gacy. 55. Illinois. Rape. 33 counts of murder.

Lethal injection-ed

LAST MEAL:  12 Fried shrimp. French Fries. 1 pound of Strawberries. A Bucket of Original recipe KFC (Prior ro being convicted Cacy had managed 3 KFC restaurants)


Ted Bundy. 43. Florida. Rape. Necrophilia. Prison Escape. 35+counts of murder.

Electric Chair-ed.

LAST MEAL: Declined ‘special’ meal. Was given traditional Steak (medium rare), eggs (over easy), hash browns, and toast with butter and jelly


Ronnie Lee Gardner. 49. Utah. Burglary. Robbery. 3 counts of murder.

Firing Squad-ed.

LAST MEAL: Lobster tail. Steak. Apple pie. Vanilla ice cream.. (Eat while watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy)

These fools would have gotten a knuckle sandwich as their last meal. Call me inhumane but i couldn’t be the chef preparing this food or the fool sitting back watching the last laugh. I’m the person that would shoot the kid in the face to feed a nation, and I would not sit back and watch some killer get his smerk on, even if it’s right before immanent death. They would have to go out like the joker laughing historically as they fall to their demise. *breath breath easy easy easy* ok…yea, so that was different. They all never lived past that day and they got their final meal and died (and i hope they burning in hell).




last meal, murders and killers final request, Famous Last Meals of murderers

More Yummy Delicious with mild commentary

29 Mar

– Music Then and now is pretty accurate, there is nothing new under the sun. The shot at Skrillex is on point. Dubset isn’t all bad, but when you DO think about it, these are the sounds of old office equipment at it’s best.

– Obama FTW

– What happens in Vegas stay in Vegas originated as this photograph by Ed Clark, published in Life magazine in 1945 is my best guess.

-Recyclable water bottles. Environment FTW. Plastic takes 700 years to BEGIN to decompose.

– The saddest scene you could ever see is in the Never Ending Story…

Disney: Disney Princesses in Real Life

1 Mar

Juan Internet Jones has done it again…Awesome concept. Disney Princesses when they get older, whatever do they do/ become…

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