YDP: Facebook and Guns

23 Sep


If you didn’t know, im not the Facebook type. People are starting to learn now the things I tried to express years ago about the unethical nature of FB and how eventually you won’t be able to get off and how they use your info and some other gripes. I don’t even really like wordpress but whatever, I don’t like people playing on my phone so this is how I communicate. I was a junky and I beat it. You can get off too but they will keep the stuff you gave them out of love.



YDP: Movies, TV, Bruce Lee and Music Sept 2014

23 Sep


Media based media !!  click below for more.

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YDP: Food Sept 2014 ( So Good)

23 Sep


Food…and pictures about yummy delicious food….

YDP: Pretend Quotes From Famous People That Are Gawd Awful

23 Sep


Don’t read any further if that one was too much, they only get worst before they get better.

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YDP: Sept 2014 Funny Pics

23 Sep


Yummy Delicious Pictures !!! Monkeys, Cats, Dogs, Animals, and some other funny pics mixed in with cheese.

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Sportz with a Z: Sept 2014

23 Sep


Philadelphia is Proud of our Taney Dragons and how they represented the Mid-Atlantic region in the Little League World Series. Above is pitcher Mo’ne Davis if you haven’t been living under a rock for the last summer.

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MONEY: Cash Artist Sept 2014

23 Sep