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The Best for Random? -ish TL22D

8 Oct

shout out to strange beever

This is the best stuff from the last 22 days…again with video





wtf Girl Lamborghini


Jim Jefferies


Office prank gone wrong!


Car hits a Deer


(:40 sec mark)

Pacific Sun Cruise Ship In Heavy Seas



Bad day at work store funny


VERSUS: Jay Z vs Lil Wayne (Rap Beef)

2 Sep

 Jay Z vs Lil Wayne Rap Beef ?

There hasnt been a good ole fashion Rap beef in a minute.

*Biggie vs Pac (it was hip hop until 2 pac banged biggie chick)

*Ja Rule Vs 50 cents, Eminem, and D12 (You’re mothers a crack head and Kim is a known slut so whats Hallie gonna be when she grows up)

*Beanie Sigal vs Jadakiss (It’s a message in the glass bottle, read the letter)

*Jay Z vs Cam’ron, Dame, State Prop, Roc La Famila, Beans, Chris, Crack, etc (I left the label right, alot of cats wonder how, everytime I diss that label I get fined a hundred thou(sand), just for tellin ya’ll I get fined a hundred thou
them cats are ill, 5 times a half of mill, won’t to play like a bumper sticker, smack a grill )

*50 Cents vs Rick Ross – (Officer Ricky vs Curly)

Lots a rap beef to got around over the years. Real good ones.

THIS ONE IS UNPRESIDENTED. Like Biggie and Pac. Only I hope nobody dies over stuff like this on some black on black stuff then Beyonce becomes a baby momma and both sides grows up in father-less house holds – living in the shadow of great entertainers….

RELEVANCE (This is just my thoughts mane, just my thoughts…)

I dont know when it started but i know shit popped off here…maybe because Jay Z made DOA and went on about how autotune is WACK

Nicki Minaj feat Lil Wayne – Roman’s Revenge 2.0

**Lil Wayne diss Jay Z when he gets out of prison on this song for whatever**

H-H-Hi, I’m (auto) Tune’, salt in the wound (auto tune aint dead)
I’m up in this bitch, pardon the goons
Throw dirt on the floor and get caught in the broom (throw shots at me i’ll sweep you up)
I like a big wet p-ssy with a fork and a spoon (I’ll eat a p word like you up)
I got money and the power (i got a lot of money and i run rap)
a woman in the shower (i got every thing you got you aint better than me)
And she don’t want nothin’ but my johnson, Howard
Sour D’s and a swisher sweet, sweet and sour (how he likes his weed, lol)
You scared? Go to church, say your prayers, read a Bible (you making all these songs about praying)
Huh, I don’t know what y’all on, Please, I go in like goin’
Drink drink in my hand with the world in the other (This is Wayne’s World)
The uzi go “brrrrrrr”, stutter (basic i’ll kill you verse)
Ha, life is a puzzle, jigsaw (basic i’ll kill you like you was in the movie Saw)
All I do is win, my name should be “Victor”
Old-ass rappers, I’m still the shit, old-ass Pampers (Jay Z in an old rapper)
Rah, rah, like a dungeon dragon
Foie gras, I hear you ducks is quackin’ (Jay Z later uses a french term in going H.A.M biting Lil Waynes Line when he says Commes Des Garcon meaning like boys…Foie Gras is nasty duck insides used as food.)
I’m just pluckin’ my ashes, I’ma puff it and pass it
I’m a f-ckin’ assassin, you should jump in a casket (basic i’ll kill you line jump of ‘The Throne’ and jump in the casket)


Very hard shots fired at Lil Wayne by Jay Z and his non goon K West (They did go HARD) **when you the best and the other best takes shots at you then the music starts sounding better for some reason. Batman and Robin vs The Joker and his goons aka Jay and K vs Wayne and YMCM(B)**

Kanye West ft Jay Z – H.A.M.

It was all good just a week ago (dont let me have to grab my AK, you wasn’t talking stuff before lil Wayne)
N-ggas feel theyselves and then Watch The Throne drop
N-ggas kill themselves (basic kill yourself line, we gonna kill your sales when WTT album drops)
What n-ggas gon do Hov?
This a new crack on a new stove (Jadakiss response to this line in his verse on It’s Good)
I’m in the two-door, true that (1985 white Lamborghini Countach, 2 of em)
N-ggas tellin’ me “You back”
Like a n-gga ever left out this bitch, huh? (Jay Z always been here yal)
and if life a bitch they suck my d-ck huh?
and I bet she f-cked the whole clique, huh
By the way n-gga, you should f-ckin’ quit, n-gga (Lil Wayne you a bword, quit like Jay Z told game, find a new lane, get out of rap/ hip hop you not seeing us)
Just forget it, you talk it, I live it (basic)
Like Eli I did it, jokes on you muthaf-cker and I get it (Referring to Eli Porter’s rap battle Eli Porter vs Envy….no contest Lil Wayne you look retarded)
No paper hoe, but you can have some more of me (no money but you like men)
Or-gy, or are we speakin methaphorically (you like men lil Wayne)
Historically, I’m kickin’ b-tches out like Pam, n-gga. Goin’ HAM n-gga, me and Jigga (if you like men then you are a b word and i’m kicking you out) *lil wayne sha nayna oh my good ness funny comeback*
and a n-gga still young, wanna have no kids (lil Wayne you young with all these kids)
But I’ve been practicing with some actresses as bad as shit, And a few white girls, asses flat a shit, But the head so good, damn a n-gga glad he hit
Got em jumpin’ out the building, Watch out below, a million out the door
//Jay z//

F-ck y’all mad at me for?You don’t even know what I’ve been through, I play chicken with a Mack truck (Beanie sigel diss), Y’all muthaf-ckers woulda been moved (If i still had my goon Beanie Sigel then he would have handles you himself)
I swam waters with great whites (great white people), Y’all muthaf-ckers woulda been chewed (you would blow white people)
I hustle with vultures late nights, Y’all muthaf-ckers woulda been food (you can’t come out at night or in the hood dressing like you dress)
F-ck wrong with these dudes, Try to f-ck around in these shoes (basic mile in my shoes line)

See the shit I saw growing up, And maybe you can take a peek at these boo’s (what ??)
N-ggas fantasize about the shit that I do daily like, These rappers rap about all the shit that I do rarely, I’m like really half a billie n-gga
Really you got baby money, Keep it real with n-ggas, N-ggas aint got my lady money (Young rapper diss *someone call Drake* **Talk about baby money, I got your baby money is still funny response from Wayne**)

Watch the Throne dont step on our robe, Bad enough we let you step on our glow (I put you on my album lil Wayne Carter, how you gonna diss me)

When my nephew died, daddy dead N-ggas took the price on my uncles head
Nobody called the cops is my uncle bleed, So I would like to feel like my uncles bread. (? I will kill you and the cops wont get involve or know who did it/ I have money to make you go away ??)
Bow down, pay homage, down spill hate all on my garments (pick a new lane Wayne)
Commes Des Garcon, f-ck your fresh (I’ll respond in french to your foie gras comment cause you like a boy to me, your cloths suck / f-ck Mannie Fresh??)
head shots n-gga fuck your vests (basic i’ll kill you line)

F-ck the pig no pork on my fork (*best line ever* this is BEEF)
Peace God cause you know a n-gga just went Ham



Good song right….didn’t seem like he was talking to lil Wayne or starting no stuff. Just some Waka Flocka and Wale stolen stuff….naw you know how Jay Z do, he want you to get it years later.  He did INDEED go H.A.M.
It’s Good – Lil Wayne ft Drake and JadaKiss
//INTRO – “You who are rich and whose troubles are few, May come around to see my point of view, What price the crown of a King on his throne? When he is chained in the dark all alone (Did you get that ?)

The Cask of Amontillado (based on the work of Edgar Allan Poe)


**in reality Jadakiss recorded this 3 months before the song aired…but we can dream right**
I’m as real as they come, I follow the rules, I’m still in the hood but I probably should move
Made enough money, I don’t f-ck around, I just felt they needed me, so I stuck around
Feds got my man, shit is real son, Cause my god son just became my real son
Think life is a game but all you get is a turn, You live and you learn, either you freeze or you burn
Kush in the air, I’m pushing the gears, Love turned into hate, hate turned into fear
If it aint right, I don’t sign the deal, Shoot me in the watch, I got time to kill
Gasoline, propane, aint no salary cap in the dope game
Aint no collective bargaining on cocaine
So in other words nigga, do your thing
(**Lil Wayne got Jadakiss who can out rap Beenie so there goes that response, then Jada is saying i’m here with the your rapper and i’m still in the streets so i got basic i’ll kill you lines, in fact he has i’ll blow you up lines cause i’m that close to you. You live and you learn. If you back / in the game and you wanna talk trash and you like WATCHES “shoot ME in the WATCH, I got TIME TO KILL”, don’t sign up in the game now we it’s different cause when you really out here “Aint no collective bargaining on cocaine” so the game don’t stop, so go ahead and STOP and do what you been doing in your suits getting married and being a business, old man, and get out the street sh-t**)
///***They say Jada defeated him, Joe too street for him/whatís next? I guess its for Nas to ether him****do an old school dance an old school dance oh oooh oh ooh ooh ohhh/// ok back to the beef
(i dont even like Drake but he said some watch me take the throne stuff and he represents young rap today)
Mind in one place, heart in another, Please pardon my brother
He’s just angry at you niggas who dont have your heart in your rap shit  (basic QTip Busta Ryhmes lyric saying get your rapping on )
And got too f-ckin comfy, cause we still f-ckin hungry
Young Money, got the munchies (we young rappers, we getting how we live)
Faded, f-ckin faded, aww yeah im f-ckin faded, They tellin’ lies about me, aww yeah I must’ve made it (apparently someone said Drake was washed up…or Drake wants you to listen to his song title ‘Faded’)
Rikers Island on this flow, 8 months for that pistol, But at least they had some bad bitches workin’ in that shit hole (?? Wayne banged chicks in prison?? )
Ahhh, 3 visits later, I went and did it major, So f-ck the judge, and the jury, and the litigator
Watchin all these kids who thought they had it figured out and then November came, they let my nigga out (The rap game was getting weak when Wayne left and then when he came back he killed everyone)
///Lil Wayne///
(**Lil  Wayne actually went in on Jay and K**)
Stop playin, I aint with that bullshit (f-ck HAM)
Niggas act like bitches. Shanaynay, oh my goodness (kick me out like Pam no you are the b word, you act like more of a b word than anyone out in rap)
This is Wayne’s World, and y’all are just some tourists (basic you think you running stuff, NO, i’m hot right now lyric)
Give me three wishes, I wish, I wish, I wish, you would b-tch
Brand new p-ssy, p-ssy good as baby powder
Two glock 40′s, nigga you got 80 problems (40 plus 40 equal 80, forget about having 99 problems)
Swimmin’ in the money, Imma need some f-ckin goggles (I have the money you say I don’t have and how it belongs to Baby Birdman my Pau)
Its better to give, but we dont give a f-ck about ‘em
I just came home, sh-t done got real hoe
Lil Weezy-ana, the boot n-gga, steal toe (I’m home from jail and i’m gonna take over and stomp you out this rap game)
I aint workin with a full deck but I deal hoe (Basic i’m more crazy than you lyric)
I just touched down, kick the motherf-ckin field goal
Talkin ’bout baby money? I got your baby money
Kidnap your bitch, get that ‘how much you love your lady’ money (responding to ” I’m like really half a billie n-gga
Really you got baby money, Keep it real with n-ggas, N-ggas aint got my lady money- Jay Z”)
I know you fake nigga, press your brakes n-gga (no one likes you in the game except Kanye so you need to chill)
I’ll take you out, that’s a date nigga (basic i’ll kill  you line)
Im a grown ass blood, stop playin with me (you already know if not listen to Red Nation by Game feat Lil Wayne)
Play asshole and get an ass whippin’ (basic i’ll beat you up lyric)
I think you pussy cat, ha, hello kitty (if i’m a b-word then you are a p word and you know what p words get)
I just throw the alley-oop to Drake Griffin (basic i’m not even gonna sing no more i’m get my young negros to handle you lyric)
I lay em down, tempur-pedic (you know what p words get)
This shits a game of chess, you n-ggas think it’s cleavage (basic 50 Cent lyric)
Its young money, yeah ’tis the season (watch out for what i do around christmas/ YMCMB runs things now so you might wanna holla at us cause everyone loves my ignorant raps)
I give you the business, b-tch this a business meeting (??Christmas ??,/ i’m schooling you on your stuff, I’m a Big Timer now litterally, you gonna need to holla at me)
My niggas hungry, my bitches greedy, Will I die a bloody murder? Dear Mr. Ouija (I can predict the future like Cleo the psychic)
Nigga, Im straight, my girl a faggot (oh yea to answer you Kanye i am NOT gay)
Potato on the barrel, pop pop tater salad (I’m gonna kill you silently just like you said you have enough money to kill me silently Jay Z)



***Real REAL RAP hopefully no one disappears like Biggie or Pac…the game needs the Carters****

Ain’t no best, East, West, North, South, flossed out, greedy. I embrace y’all with napalm.

Wrap: Can’t live with it…etc

28 Mar

Rap is has been crazy repetitive for years. 50 came through like (Miami) Hurricanes do, Hurricane Chris came through and we started see. True rap has some really hot people that came in the game. Remember Onyx, Outkast, Jay Z, Nas, were young and hot. Emimem and DMX held it down then Joe Budden and Ludacris became the young faces of hip hop. The Clipse and Jeezy stepped on the block soon after.  Lately (like last 5 years) it was Wayne and Ross and TI dropping listenable albums. (I’m not talking bout hip hop Mos Def, Roots, Busta and the likes…i’m talkin bout rap rap. Not the tic tic bump beats, but click click boom she*et).

T-Pain, Souja Boy became standards and we lost site of the rap game. We had to respect the money making aspect of things. Then again we dint want to…at least i dint. Rap is pretty wack now. Whoever is hot, like say a Nicki Minaj, is holding it down and we are waiting for the next new face, like say a Ludacris. Snoop has made another album, Redman has made another album, Onyx is working on one, J will, Nas will, Wayne will…and it wont sound like the ‘crap’ that IS out there (i hope). Who will be the next to hold it down for rap? Cam’ron was corny and hot all at the same time. Cam has his own style and killed Jay Z with his own style, Jay came back sounding like same ole Jay.

Ghostface called the class of 2010 rapper “soft as baby thighs”. Like that includes Drake, Wale, Wiz K, Bruno Mars, Asher Roth, and OJ the Juiceman…all them from 09-10. No shots fired back. Where will rap go….cause i want to listen. Will  Tyler the Creator be the face of Rap….cause i’m sick and tired of the crap posted below. Take a listen….

Origin ?


El Remix


Looking back @ Good Hair

17 Mar

I wanted to write something about hip hop, trends, lifestyles and what have you. Then I said that’s way too serious, so do what you want. We wont look back and laugh now that i think about it. I know the first thing you did was SMH…er SYH…and then maybe did something with you mouth no matter what kind of race you are/ were/ iz. Allen’s face is epic though you must admit.  Most importantly i didn’t want to hate on Juan Internet Jones here on the right, due to the fact that whoever did his hair got some real skills. So if you see someone with hair like this today. Tell them “you’re hair looks nice mane/ or wo-mane.” Hopefully they wont talk your  ear off. See below for the direction I was headed with Looking back @ Good Hair.

cezlturkey cezlcrwzz

More Good Hair

juan internet jones made this cezl made this